Alternatives to Layoffs Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

Author: Dennis Bautista, Technology Manager, Database Management for Enterprise

The recent COVID-19 has been ruthless and it really affects the economy globally. Most of us are frustrated, and as a result, especially for Small-Medium enterprise (SME) businesses, they dismiss employees to cut costs. 

Is there any other way to cut costs without layoffs? How can businesses survive and continually operate in spite of this crisis? 

Boost Productivity with Database Technology

Using the right database technology will help to continually increase your output while reducing costs. However, most SME’s are not well equipped with database tools and technologies. One of the hindrances might be a lack of a team of database administrators (DBA) that hinders them from purchasing the tools and technologies.   

EDB Postgres is a cost-effective database technology that provides easy-to-use enterprise tools and features for your enterprise needs. Investing in the EDB’s tools can help companies to shift their focus on increasing the productivity of their employees rather than choosing to lay them off their jobs. 

  1. EDB Postgres Failover Manager – Detect compute, network, and database failures quickly to automatically promote the most up to date standby and reconfigure other standbys to point to the new master.
  2. EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager – The only Postgres management tool to combine monitoring, alerting and tuning of multiple open source PostgreSQL and/or EDB Postgres Advanced Server clusters, whether on-premise or in the cloud into a single GUI.

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