Axway API Management and Syncplicity Enablement

Last September 13, 2019, ITG as Axway’s Premier Partner, held an enablement event called “AMPLIFY API Management and Syncplicity Enablement” at the ITG office, Hexagon Corporate Center, Quezon Avenue. Quezon City. ITG’s Technology Manager for IT Infrastructure, Mr. Ryan Ching made the event possible.

Mr. Mihir Mone, Axway’s Principal Pre-sales did a demo on the process of how to build your own application programming interface (API). Also, Mr. Adrian Phang, Axway’s Regional Sales Director, South Asia discussed Syncplicity a powerful, cloud-based solution for all your data needs. With Syncplicity’s hybrid-cloud architecture you can modernize your workforce but store your files on-premises, private or public cloud. Both speakers flew all the way from Singapore to impart their knowledge in their respective expertise.

As partners (ITG and Axway), we are confident that we’re able to impart key learnings and a new set of technical skills that enabled our team to deeply understand the benefits of API Management and Syncplicity.

Here at ITG, we are continually equipping our staff to serve you better as you choose to venture ahead with us. Connect with us today and get to know more about the solutions we can offer you: or call us at 396-9888