MMI Collaborates with ITG in its Quest to be the Number One Logistics Provider

Boost Efficiency and Improve Output Warehousing Services with ITG’s InsightSCS

The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of what’s to come has brought about many changes in the way people work and businesses operate. Manual labor has always been a challenge and all the more now, with social distancing measures considered for people’s safety. Before, it was easy to be present, to decide on movements, and monitor progress on site. But at present, remote operations and having complete visibility on business transactions is the way many companies leverage to continue to operate despite the situation.

Besides addressing pandemic requirements, there is also the growing demand for local and regional state-of-the-art and secure supply chain solutions. In response, MetroPac Movers, Inc. (MMI) recently began the construction of a logistics hub in Sta. Rosa, Laguna for its strategic plan to integrate systems into its supply chain category. To carry out MMI’s vision of becoming the Number One Logistics Provider in the Philippines, the company collaborates with ITG, the Philippines’ distributor of InsightSCS.

The need to automate and systemize data and processes goes a long way for the efficiency and success of a business. MMI aims to have a seamless integration system to its Warehouse Management System (WMS) and other legacy systems so that it can enable automation and integration of data and processes, adopt best practices for Warehouse Transport solutions, deliver a faster response to data and report requirements, and increase efficiency in work output-related activities. ITG partnered with InsightSCS with the strategy to particularly focus on ways to put MMI’s goals and vision as the core. InsightSCS combines all delivery events throughout a shipment using emerging technologies like Sensors, Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Web/Mobile Apps, Blockchain into one digital shipment record that provides real-time visibility in just one platform.

ITG provides solutions to businesses for improved processes. The implementation of InsightSCS in MMI will be its competitive advantage to be the ONE logistic partner that can deliver the needs of customers for the most innovative and effective logistics solutions. ITG and MMI have a shared vision of success aspirations and this partnership ignites the beginning of achieving more possibilities and wins in the future.

About MMI 

Metropac Movers, Inc. (MMI) is a company engaged in 3rd Party Logistics business. It offers services like warehouse management and trucking. MetroPac Movers, Inc. is investing in the development of best-in-class logistics centers along major transport arteries to reduce supply chain costs of customers. These hubs will lead the Philippine logistics industry in product security systems, radio frequency inventory control systems, fire and safety systems, staff training and expertise; offer truly international standard facilities and services to the Philippine market; and, set a new standard for product safety, storage, and handling. Visit MMI to learn more about their services.

About InsightSCS

InsightSCS provides software-as-a-service (SaaS), transport services, and financing services. Transport and financing services are provided through our partners which are closely integrated to our Insight Product Suite for data visibility and transactions processing.

About ITG

ITG is your trusted business solutions provider for the past 17 years across the ASEAN region. ITG is home to cost-effective IT solutions shared with countless organizations in various industries. ITG is a business technology expert that innovatively co-creates and delivers transformative solutions through valuable customer experience. For more information on how you can collaborate to transform the way your business works, visit ITG. You can also connect with ITG on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Media Contacts 

Jerwin Santos
MetroPac Movers, Inc. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Charity Maitim
IT Group, Inc., Business Development Manager