Recover and Survive using EDB Postgres during COVID-19 Crisis

Author: Dennis Bautista, Technology Manager, Database Management for Enterprise

Business Continuity may be one of the most talked-about topics in the business world because of the devastating economic hits of COVID-19. Your company needs tools and resources in order to smoothly transition your business’ survival and recovery in the days to come.

Ensure Business Continuity

EDB Postgres did not only give alternatives to layoffs amid the COVID-19 outbreak, but they have long-designed tools that will help your company minimize unplanned downtime for your applications and maintain high availability. Automatically promote the most up to date Standby Database to the new Master Database.

EDB Postgres Failover Manager can help detect compute, network, and database failures quickly to:

Maintain Service Level Agreements 

In order to maintain a good relationship with a client, your company must always be committed to the SLA’s in place. It is important to find a tool that is capable of quickly detect failure by continuously monitoring the health of physical replication nodes. This tool enables alerts that will help you quickly respond to an issue. 

Have Peace of Mind

We will never know when another crisis like this will happen, but it is important that businesses are ready to respond immediately. Having the proper tools and resources will help avoid split-brain scenarios and time lost from triggering false negatives or unnecessary failovers.

Now is not the time to think twice about your Digital Transformation investment. Learn more about EDB Postgres tools that will help you remain at peace at any crisis:

  • EDB Postgres Failover Manager
  • EDB Postgres Replication Server
  • Streaming Replication from Production Site to Disaster & Recovery Site

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