Cloud Infrastructure Stack (CIS+)

A Cost Effective Infrastructure for your Cloud Native Applications

Tuesday, March 12, 2023 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Overview of the Event

In the fast-paced realm of today’s digital landscape, organizations are fervently seeking the most effective strategies to propel their digital transformation initiatives forward.

Amid these endeavors, various solutions have been explored. One of the prominent approaches involves the implementation of a cloud stack infrastructure. This robust infrastructure not only harnesses the full capabilities of cloud computing but also represents an open-source solution.

Enterprise resource utilization solutions have unequivocally demonstrated their potential to optimize and streamline the development process. Remarkably, 89% of IT leaders have voiced their confidence in the security of open-source software. In fact, a significant majority, precisely 89%, perceive enterprise open source as being equally or even more secure than proprietary software.

With a longstanding history of 20 years, ITG has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in guiding numerous companies through their digital transformation and IT modernization journeys, offering the latest technological innovations. During this event, we will offer invaluable insights into the utilization of Stack Cloud IT infrastructure—an exceptionally potent tool that has the potential to revolutionize your business operations, elevate your competitive edge, and drive substantial advancements in your digital transformation journey.

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Why Attend?

  •  Discover how cloud-native applications leverage the full potential of cloud computing, offering scalability, resilience, and agility. 
  • Understand the importance of constructing a versatile cloud infrastructure stack to navigate the evolving IT landscape effectively. 
  • Explore how cloud-native approaches transform legacy infrastructure, making it more reliable, cost-effective, and agile.
  • Get ready for the future as IT leaders gear up to harness the full potential of multiple cloud providers, paving the way for versatile and distributed IT infrastructures.

Who Should Attend?

This event is best for:

  • IT Professionals 
  • CTOs and CIOs 
  • IT Managers
  • Software Developers 
  • Cloud Enthusiasts 
  • Anyone interested in cloud-native technologies and digital transformation


CIS+: Cost-Effective Cloud Native Infrastructure (10:00am-10:20am)

Ryan Ching | Head of IT Infrastructure Solutions, IT Group, Inc.

Shielding Your Applications: A Deep Dive into NginX for Enhanced Security (10:20am-10:40am)

NginX Speaker

Empowering Innovation with OpenShift Container Platform: Unleashing the Power of Kubernetes (10:40am-11:00am)

Red Hat Speaker

Q&A Session (11:00am-11:20am)

All Speakers

Raffle (11:20am-11:30am)

Closing Remarks (11:30am-11:40am)

Red Hat Speaker

Lunch & Networking (11:40am-onwards)


Complete Speakers to be announced soon

Ryan Ching
Head of IT Infrastructure Solutions,
IT Group, Inc.

As the Head of IT Infrastructure, he assesses market trends and available technology to solve enterprise challenges, including successfully piecing together Enterprise Open Source Technology for a Core Banking System. Ryan is actively involved in digital transformation initiatives, specializing in dev-ops and toolchains, and sharing his knowledge through occasional article postings.

John Lemuel Nicholaus
Solutions Architect, RedHat

JL has been with Red Hat Philippines for 4 years taking on the role of a Solutions Architect focused on helping partners develop their Red Hat skills and come up with unique joint solution offerings that will help their customers navigate the challenges they are facing daily.

Laurent Petroque
Director of Solutions Engineering, NginX

He's a seasoned expert in web infrastructure, known for optimizing performance and security. Laurent's talks on web servers, cloud tech, and digital futures are highly sought after.

Ryan Ching
Head of IT Infrastructure Solutions, IT Group, Inc.

John Lemuel Nicholaus
Solutions Architect, RedHat

Laurent Petroque
Director of Solutions Engineering, NginX

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