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COVID-19 pushed companies to make unprecedented cost-cutting initiatives. As businesses push through with this initiative, there is an equal importance on implementing business recovery-based projects in order to ensure business continuity.

ITG in partnership with EDB is bringing business and IT executives together. Explore how technology adaptation can help your business in your cost value savings across your operations.In this webinar, Executives can get insights on how to:

  • Lead the organization to make or accelerate database migration decisions to EDB PostgreSQL platform. 
  •  Accelerate customer experience using EDB Postgres.
  • Improve both capital and operational expenses, maintain the quality of infrastructure.
  • Lead all the stakeholders on their EDB adoption journey in choosing the right tools and technology. 

Acquiring a database management platform can be costly and complicated due to compatibility issues. EDB can help ensure the stability and the quality performance of your overall business operations while managing your cost-savings initiatives.

Guest Profiles

Graham Pullen

Vice President Asia Pacific & Japan,

Responsible for the development and growth of sales across the Asia Pacific and Japan. This will include the expansion of existing territories and the development of new markets. Business growth will leverage both new and existing partnerships in those markets.
self-starter by nature, ENTJ profile, I determine priorities and implement the planning necessary to achieve objectives and respond positively to all challenges and change.

In the past 15 years I have held senior sales leadership positions in OpenText, Vignette, and EMC Documentum, am currently exploring the market for new challenges.

Ashish Nauriyal

Director of Sales Engineering, Asia Pacific & Japan

Ashish is Lead, Solutions Consultant with EDB. He brings over 10 years of in-depth experience of database administration and management experience, working directly with customers in a support, consulting and training capacity. Ashish has been consulting with customers on their EDB Postgres Database, Oracle to EDB Postgres Database migrations, Postgres replication technologies, disaster recovery planning, highly-available and scalable Postgres database deployments in both on-prem, public as well as private cloud environments. He is based in Sydney, Australia.

VJ Africa

Managing Director, Singapore & Malaysia CTO - IT & Business Solutions,
IT Group, Inc.

VJ Africa wears many hats in the technology and entrepreneurship scene. With a personal mantra of “Tech for Good, Tech for All”, he is an organization and change driver, a serial entrepreneur, and a startup enabler.

VJ is a Managing Director of IT Group, Inc. (ITG), a regional technology company focused on co-creating solutions for and with its Customers. With offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, ITG is a Value Added Reseller-Gold Partner of EDB in South East Asia. 

VJ currently manages the Singapore and Malaysia operations of ITG and spearheads the Regional Technology Office for IT and Business Solutions.

VJ graduated from Ateneo de Manila (Philippines) and carries an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona, USA). He views himself as a Citizen of the World and now a prisoner of his home.


10 minutes
Get to know more about EDB

Graham Pullen
Vice President Asia Pacific & Japan, EnterpriseDB

15 minutes
EDB Postgres – DB Migration (Tools, Capabilities, etc.)

Ashish Nauriyal
Lead, Solutions Consultant, APJ, EnterpriseDB

15 minutes
EDB Postgres in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Ashish Nauriyal
Lead, Solutions Consultant, APJ, EnterpriseDB

25 minutes
ITG & EDB Success Stories

VJ Africa
Managing Director, Singapore & Malaysia
CTO – IT & Business Solutions, IT Group, Inc.

Graham Pullen
VP Sales, APJ, EnterpriseDB