Achieve Cost Savings by Technology Adaptation- Explore Database Migration.

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, companies are currently having cost-cutting initiatives. While cost-cutting is a priority, there is still an increasing demand to implement business recovery-based projects in order to ensure business continuity. ITG offers EDB Postgres Platform to help customers thrive and survive as they respond to the crisis with the lens of adaptability and survivability.

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ITG in partnership with EDB brings business and IT executives together to explore how technology adaptation can help your business in your cost value savings across your operations.Join us for this executive forum to explore how adapting to the right technology can help propel your organization forward in this unpredictable time. Tune in to this webinar and learn the how-to’s of:

  • Understanding the cost implications and value beyond just infrastructure.
  • Connecting with your peers in the industry, EDB subject-matter experts, and our partners.
  • Discovering the latest services and technologies from EDB and its partners and learn how to integrate them with your innovation and IT roadmap.

Manage your cost savings initiative with EDB’s platform that can help ensure the stability and quality performance of your overall business operations.


Time Agenda
10:00- 10:05 AM Leadership in a Time of Crisis
10:05- 10:55 AMRoadmap in Adapting EDB Postgres Technology
10:55- 11:00 AM Q&A

Seminar Speakers


Jennish Vyas
Solutions Engineer for Southeast Asia and Hongkong, EnterpriseDB

He has over 12 years of experience in consulting and working with database management solutions, primarily with PostgreSQL and other Relational Database Management Systems. Jenish is especially skilled in technical management, managing cross-organizational and geographically diverse teams, leading teams to identify, prioritize, design and support data solutions. He helps customers strategize, adopt and implement open-source databases and IT solutions.


Dennis Bautista
Technology Manager- Enterprise Database, IT Group Inc.

He has been in the IT industry for over 20 years, continuously building the business strategies in the Philippines using open source technologies. He has a strong background in database administration such as performance tuning, database migration, replication, high availability implementation, setting up disaster and recovery.