December 2016

Manila, Philippines –IT Group, Inc. (ITG), the country’s leading provider of fast-thinking IT enterprise solutions, has just successfully concluded the last of its series of CIO Breakfast Roundtable sessions, dubbed as ‘Fastbreak’ last December 7 at the Top of the Citi restaurant in Makati City.

In partnership with Red Hat, the roundtable discussion evolved around the theme of “Digital Transformation”, and what organizations are seeking in line with this modernization drive.  ITG’s President and CEO, Cris Gamboa, opened the floor with an overview of how 2016 came about with unexpected turn of events in basically all facets – politics, economy, IT and so much more.  Mr. Gamboa further shared that the New Year will warrant the need to be more agile within a great vantage point for any company in order to sustain its competitive stance.  Gary Romualdez, Country Manager of Red Hat Philippines, followed in welcoming the guests and complementing it with an update of how Red Hat has effectively gained ground in the local market.

Spearheaded by Kenny Chin, Red Hat’s Director of Cloud Solutions for ASEAN enabled a thorough discussion among the C-level executives representing various industries – finance, infrastructure, technology, real estate and, banking.  Areas of high interest touched on new ways of developing and integrating applications, building new cloud-based infrastructure and creating more agile IT processes custom-fit to the specific needs of the industry.

Fastbreak – ITG’s signature event for round table discussions is coined after the concept of a basketball game’s ‘fast break’ whereby the team attempts to move into scoring position as quickly as possible, so that the defense is outnumbered leaving them with almost no time to recover.  This is precisely what the sessions are all about:  a productive meeting of minds is encouraged to derive the best defense while enabling and equipping an agile and innovative community of business players in the Philippines.

IT Group, Inc. team believes in Venturing Ahead with its business strategies, through its next generation business applications for its enterprise market.  For over a decade now, ITG has successfully grown its fast-thinking solutions in the areas of: (1) Enterprise Infrastructure, (2) Business Intelligence and Analytics, (3) IT Service Management, (4) Enterprise Content Management, (5) Enterprise Resource Planning, (6) Custom Application, (7) Training, and (8) Customer Relationship Management, to name a few.