Navigating Telcos to Emerge Stronger Digitally

Navigating Telcos to Emerge Stronger Digitally

Industry Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has created a huge impact on a global scale that led to an unprecedented worldwide economic disruption.

There has been a great impact on the telecommunications industry as quality services are demanded from them due to the abrupt shift to remote working during the crisis. The work-from-home model requires employees to telecommute through different channels such as video meetings, phone calls extensively. Some operators were able to react quickly by offering their customers an upgraded plan while others had their weak spots exposed. Whichever the cases may be, it is important to make sure that they are providing quality service to their customers.

At this point, telcos are in the position to assist small and medium businesses to ensure business recovery and increase customer experience with unrelenting connectivity. Telcos must improve and prioritize omnichannel efforts with a fully digital storefront and supply chain to continually serve customers through online channels.

ITG to Help Enable

  1. Due to shutdowns and reduced foot traffic, there is a significant challenge to maintain business continuity and retailers are investing in online ordering capabilities and home deliveries.
  2. Customers are always on the lookout for up-to-date information on opening hours, restrictions, product availability, and crisis-related offerings and services.
  3. Customers have a challenge in receiving installations and upgrades in their services due to lockdown measures and social distancing mandates
  4. Employees of telco companies are out of work due to government-mandated business and store shutdowns which halt installations
  1. Remote working, video conferencing, entertainment streaming are testing the network capacity and latency of the service providers
  2. Security of network as an added value in the service as employees strive for business continuity and productivity
  1. Businesses do not have the right tools and software to manage a remote working culture.
  2. Telcos are a critical business partner of businesses in most industries, and they have the opportunity to provide services to help them through this crisis.
  3. Telcos can help their business customers pro-actively o be in a more secure position recover faster.

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