Kita, an End-to-end, Cost-effective, Business Management Solution specialized for SMEs.

Powered by Oracle NetSuite, the world’s #1 cloud ERP and brought to you by ITG Indonesia –  business technology experts in ASEAN. In just 2 months (or less) of implementation, your entire day to day operation will run in a robust system for accounting, finance, sales, inventory, and CRM in one affordable package. A turnkey solution that is readily configured to help your organization turn profits faster by identifying where your business can improve, catch up and be competitive.

With Kita that is exactly what you get, a world-class software at a price suited for the growing SME. With Kita, you finally get to see if your company is running efficiently, controlling cost and minimizing losses and more importantly,  seeing your profits and overall business financial health in real-time.

Turn profits faster by identifying where your business can improve, catch up, and compete with your larger competitors.

Do you encounter these problems?


Sales Force Automation & Inventory Management Purchasing


Indonesia VAT reporting compliance


Cloud-based System, Flexible, Secured, and Applies Industry-based Practices


Top Quality After Sales Support

As a business competing in a fast-paced industry where every business decision can shift the dynamics of the competition, you need a MODERN, AGILE business solution that is COST-EFFECTIVE, scales rapidly, and gives you accurate visibility.

Futureproof your Company for Long Term Innovation and Growth.

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