Achieve your business goals with an optimized and flexible database management platform powered by EDB PostgreSQL!

Boost operational productivity with a database platform that is cost effective, scalable, adaptable and allows seamless integration that can accommodate a wider range of workloads.

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Enterprises rely on data to make wiser business decisions to better manage their operations and scale further.

Discover how you can integrate PostgreSQL in your business operations towards a resilient delivery in the next normal. 

Tune in to this webinar together with our Database experts and learn how your businesses can: 

  • Gain a better knowledge of customer demand, motivation, and behavior during this next normal with tools to integrate data in a heterogeneous database environment. Receive insight in real-time, with data available anywhere at any time.
  • Enhance database administrators productivity through prioritizing workloads such as analytics over batch processing without the risk of downtime.
  • Easily deploy to and integrate with your environment of choice, be it cloud (public or private), on-premise, containers, etc.
  • Explore the practices that helped industry leaders move through these stages quickly, and get as much value of PostgreSQL as possible without incurring undue risk.

Achieve high performance database environment and highly available data with EDB Postgre Enterprise-scale solutions.


10:00- 10:10 AMWelcoming Remarks & EDB Overview
10:10- 10:30 AMPower Integration: EDB Connecting Systems for a Seamless Environment
10:30- 10:50 AMPower Application: EDB Enabling Apps to be Highly Available
10:50- 10:55 AMRaffle Prize
10:55- 11:15 AMPower Partnership: EDB Delivering Valuable Customer Experience in ASEAN and Beyond
11:15- 11:25 AMQ&A
11:25- 11:30 AMRaffle Prize & Closing

Seminar Speakers

Fivda Harry
Head of Enterprise Solutions, PT. IT Group Indonesia

Fivda Harry is the Head of Enterprise Solution at PT. IT Group Indonesia. He is responsible for providing solutions for government and enterprises. He has 20 years of experience in IT consulting, focusing on Enterprise Scale Business Solutions in the last 7 years, from End-to-end Solutions, Base Platforms and System Integrations

Rhobbie Santiago
Pre-Sales Consultant, IT Group Inc. Philippines

Rhobbie works with his fellow technology experts in the implementation and support of ITG's very first Postgres Project. His proficiency in EDB solutions has given him the opportunity to work closely with clients which made him be ITG's point person for Database Management. He is continuously expanding his ability in Database management to deliver valuable customer experience every step of the way and is recently certified by EnterpriseDB.