The threat landscape has evolved greatly in the last few years, with cyber attackers employing sophisticated techniques, tactics, and procedures to take down organizations. Some of these new techniques are fileless malware, and living-off-the-land attacks. These novel methods enable attackers to fly under the radar, and evade detection.

This means that organizations need to be even more vigilant than ever before. They need to use their SIEM solution in the best way possible to ward off these attacks.

Join this webinar to learn how you can protect against new cybersecurity threats with your SIEM.

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We'll cover:

  • The anatomy of a fileless malware attack.
  •  The anatomy of a living-off-the-land attack.
  • Insider threats as a new attack vector.
  • Detecting, analyzing, and responding to new attack vectors.
  • Using alerts, and automated workflows to harden security

Seminar Speakers

Product Expert, ManageEngine