Red Hat CloudForms

Red Hat® CloudForms is a multicloud management platform that helps operations set up policy controlled, self-service environments for cloud users. Detect and respond to environment changes by tracking activities, capturing events, and sensing configuration changes.

Along with monitoring and chargeback capabilities, CloudForms also integrates with Red Hat Ansible Automation—featuring 10,000+ Ansible Playbooks and 1,000+ integration modules—to help you automate your IT environment.

Benefits of CloudForms

CloudForms gives you choice and flexibility while providing a unified and consistent set of management capabilities across:

  • Virtualization platforms like Red Hat Virtualization, VMware vCenter, and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Container platforms based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Private cloud platforms based on OpenStack®.
  • Public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

CloudForms Compliance

With CloudForms, you can apply corporate compliance and governance policies across all environments. Robust policy is supported by the comprehensive insights that CloudForms gathers on all resources under management. Automatic policy enforcement helps ensure that defined policy rules aren’t bypassed.

RedHat Subscriptions

Manage all your environments in one place

CloudForms starts with a web-based self-service catalog and extends to cover the complete life-cycle, operational, resource, and financial management of the deployed services―all within the same system.

CloudForms scans and discovers existing resources and their relationships, letting it easily manage current environments. CloudForms then continuously monitors those resources and scans for new ones, giving you exceptional visibility into the operations of the environment.

CloudForms is designed for the rigors of enterprise environments. It’s delivered as a virtual appliance, so you can deploy it quickly, bringing existing environments under management within hours. You can integrate data and resources with third-party systems to compose a comprehensive management solution. And CloudForms can scale both horizontally and vertically, with highly available data stores and services.

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