It is time to rise above the disruption and emerge stronger digitally.

Globally, COVID-19 has disrupted most if not all business operations in ways we cannot even fathom. In these challenging times, business leaders are called to find ways to adapt to the new way of doing things.

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Join this exclusive webinar and get the latest insights from technology experts from different ASEAN regions about:

  • How to plan your next business strategy 
  • Where you are right now in the business stairway 
  • How you can future-proof your business
  • Planning and strategize with Design Thinking
  • The value of shifting to digital

Most businesses were not able to operate during the government-mandated lockdown because of the lack of tools and platforms that will enable them to continually function remotely. Because most companies are still using traditional ways of doing operations, poses challenges such as:

  • The lack of real-time visibility
  • Metrics based on unreliable data
  • Difficulty implementing new business models 
  • Challenges with geographic expansion
  • Manual processes that cannot scale 
  • Challenges with compliance 
  • Rigorous audit requirements

With the right and renewed perspective in doing business, leaders can overcome these challenges no matter what disruption may come.

Guest Profiles

Peter Quek

General Manager
Oracle NetSuite ASEAN

Rubie Villamor

Regional Technology Manager-
Business Management Solutions

Kenny Hong

Solution Consulting, Senior Manager
Oracle NetSuite

Harry Fivda

Head of Enterprise Solutions,
P.T. IT Group, Inc. Indonesia

Abi Mapua

Co-Founder & CEO, Kind Mind Philippines

VJ Africa

Managing Director,
CIO- IT & Business Solutions, IT Group, Inc.
Singapore & Malaysia


5 minutes

VJ Africa
Managing Director (SG & MY) CIO, IT & Business Solutions
35 minutes
Where are we and What’s Next?
  • How business communities emerged to support each other
  • Learn how businesses transition to digital and remote operations
  • The New normal of business: How to respond when a crisis becomes the new normal?
  • Business strategies and what to expect in the post-pandemic?
  • Panel Q & A discussion – ask questions from our experts

Facilitator: VJ Africa
Panel Speakers:
Rubie Villamor- Regional Technology Manager for Business Management Solution
Fivda Harry- Head of Enterprise Solution
Peter Quek- General Manager at Oracle NetSuite (ASEAN)
Kenny Hong- Solution Consulting, Senior Manager Oracle NetSuite
15 minutes
Applying the Design Thinking Framework
  • Let’s understand an actual case study
  • Execute a future-proof going digital strategy with customer centricity
  • Identify your priorities

Abi Mapua
Founder and CEO, Kindmind
30 minutes
Breakout Room Session + Value of Going Digital
Breakout session room 1 (ID & MY) and Breakout session room 2 (SG & PH)
  • What’s the vision of the future?
  • Current State Assessment
  • Your stairway to the future
  • Quantify the value
Breakout session room 3
  • SuiteAnalytics : Business Visibility
  • SuiteCommerce : Enabling a new sales channel