Power up your operational productivity with an optimize and flexible database management platform power by EDB PostgreSQL

Applications today are more complex, frequently requiring structured, unstructured and semistructured data for more rapid processing and real-time analytics. Managing this diverse data in separate database management systems can slow performance and add complexity. Organizations need a database management system that is flexible, cost-effective, scalable, adaptable, and allows seamless integration to accommodate a wider range of workloads.

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PostgreSQL is versatile and used for a wide range of applications and use cases in the enterprise. It is more than just database technology, it is an accelerator for innovation. Much innovation today is happening in new application development, application modernization, and re-platforming to the cloud across the information architecture landscape.

Tune in to this webinar together with our Database experts and learn how your businesses can:

  • Explore the practices that helped industry leaders move through these stages quickly, and get as much value out of PostgreSQL as possible without incurring undue risk. 
  • Explore EDB Flexibility, adaptability and scalable to your business operations 
  • Enhance database administrators productivity through prioritizing workloads such as analytics over batch processing without the risk of downtime.
  • Gain a better knowledge of customer demand, motivation, and behavior during this next normal with tools to integrate data in a heterogeneous database environment. Receive insight in real-time, with data available anywhere at any time.

Achieve a high-performance database environment with EDB Postgres Enterprise-scale solutions


10:00- 10:05 AMWelcoming Remarks
10:05- 10:15 AMIntroduction Overview
  • Trends
  • Pain Points
  • ITG Value Prop (Tech Expertise)
10:15- 10:45 AMPowerful Resilient Database that has been proven from time to time
  • High Performance for "No-Limit" Database
    • EDB PostgreSQL Positioning and Comparison with Other Databases
    • EDB PostgreSQL Data Capacity
    • EDB PostgreSQL Performance
  • Provides Real Resiliency with Enterprise Functions
    • Comparison with other databases function and compatibility
    • Highly Available
    • Reliable Backup and Recovery
    • Ease of Monitoring and Maintenance
10:45- 11:00 AMPostgres BDR- Demo Features
11:00- 11:25 AMClient Reference
11:25- 11:30 AMRaffle Prize & Closing

Seminar Speakers

Andre Kusuma
Managing Director, PT. IT Group Indonesia,
CTO, Platform, DevOps and Database

Andre Kusuma is the Managing Director of PT IT Group Indonesia and Regional CTO Platform, DevOps and Database.

Leading teams of technology consultants and trusted commercial advisers. ITG helps companies to improve their business operations by providing cost-effective solutions from basic IT Management, all the way to Next Generation software applications.

Fivda Harry
Head of Enterprise Solutions, PT. IT Group Indonesia

Fivda Harry is the Head of Enterprise Solution at PT. IT Group Indonesia. He is responsible for providing solutions for government and enterprises. He has 20 years of experience in IT consulting, focusing on Enterprise Scale Business Solutions in the last 7 years, from End-to-end Solutions, Base Platforms and System Integrations

Anton Saputra
Regional Technology Manager, Database Management Solutions at PT. IT Group Indonesia

Anton has remarkable contributions in managing strategic partnerships, leading projects, identifying business needs, and opportunity globally. He is well experienced in Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure, IT Operation, Technical Consultancy, Business Development. He worked closely with the Principal, Distributor and ITG Regional team such as Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia to retain and grow services revenue.