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Digital Transformation in Banking

Today more than ever, banks need to stay relevant. Threatened by nimble FinTech startups chipping away at your traditional service and product mix and your most profitable lines of business, if you don’t act, you could be overwhelmed and quickly become irrelevant. How do you acquire the more innovative and agile traits of upstart FinTech competitors? Simply, digital transformation, powered by TIBCO.

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Manufacturing Intelligence for the Next Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 has laid the groundwork for the next industrial revolution. With advances in cloud computing and analytics, cheaper and more scalable factory solutions will change the way business is done. Using a Smart Factory system, all relevant data is aggregated, analyzed, and acted upon. Sensors, devices, people, and processes are part of a connected ecosystem. We call this Manufacturing Intelligence, which gives decision-makers a competitive edge to digitize the business, optimize costs, accelerate innovation, and survive digital disruption.

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Reshape the Retail Customer Experience

Like in banking, hospitality, and travel before it, retail is now moving digital transformation into high gear. Leading digital companies to achieve 5X higher revenue growth, 8X higher operating profit, and 2X higher return on shareholder value than digital laggards. The difference is due to their ability to deliver compelling customer experiences, create innovative and connected digital products, and constantly optimize operations. Digital leadership is now synonymous with business leadership. Get ahead of it, here.

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Algorithmic Insurance. Pull out in front with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The Insurance industry is turning to analytics to create Algorithmic Insurance as a competitive advantage. With new technologies, business models, and competitors entering the insurance industry at an increasing rate, to attract and retain the most valuable customers, you must innovate and accelerate decisions and operations. Instead of canned “black box” applications, building your IP into algorithms on a platform that business users can use changes the game. At a fraction of the cost of canned solutions, you can now leverage advanced techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence across the enterprise.

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Travel: Create the Highest Quality Customer Experience

More than other industries, Travel has the chance to use data to be enormously helpful and develop close relationships with customers. When you provide really excellent, very personalized service, you can increase revenue and attract and retain new customers. You need to know where the customer is in their journey―booking, close to departure, arriving, checked in―and provide offers based on that context. You have to be fast so internal users can control and customize systems without heavy IT involvement―and you need good analytics. You’ve come to the right place.

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TIBCO Spotfire® for Pharma and Biotech. Insights that accelerate decisions

Scientists, clinical researchers, and life sciences professionals need data analysis and visualization tools to accelerate research, drive innovation, and facilitate collaboration. As TIBCO’s exclusive reseller for Spotfire applications within the scientific domain, PerkinElmer addresses the critical needs of Life Sciences professionals and organizations to help transform research, development and business data into actionable insights.

Monitor Business Performance. Visualize the health of your business processes in real time

Tracking business processes is the key to monitoring overall business performance. Lack of oversight can mean a missed opportunity for process improvement. Using process configuration and streaming analytics, business activity monitoring gives you visibility into process execution, tracks process performance against SLAs and timeouts, and even connects your business intelligence tools for summary reporting and analysis.

Detect Fraud As It Happens. Identify false positives by using machine learning

The combination of legislation, market dynamics, and increasingly sophisticated fraud strategies requires you to be proactive in detecting fraud quicker and more effectively. Dynamic detection systems need to adapt to evolving compliance regulations, scale to deal with growing transaction volumes, detect sophisticated fraud patterns, and reduce false-positives. The combination of predictive analytics, streaming analytics, and business process management provides a powerful and cost-effective system for detecting fraud.

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