Whitepaper: Five Steps to Jumpstart Your Artificial Intelligence Success

It seems like Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it’s close cousins Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), are everywhere. An analysis of 2018 technology predictions reveals a landscape dominated by artificial intelligence. Not only was AI core to 9 of their 33 predictions, it was a vital enabler in nearly a dozen others, and no other topic came close to AI in importance..

Business school strategies focusing on mass marketing of the best product, best service, or lowest price alone can no longer win in a world of intelligent products, content, and services that cater to each customer’s specific needs.



TIBCO helps organizations enhance their competitive edge with an insights-driven culture enabling all users to develop insights from any data anywhere, deliver them in real time, and automate actions to make better decisions and take faster action.

Our integrated portfolio of market-leading analytics solutions combines ease of use with analytic depth and governance to grow with your organization as your needs evolve.

Fuel your digital business with better decisions and faster, smarter actions using TIBCO® Connected Intelligence.

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Scale data science throughout your organization to solve your biggest challenges and drive innovation. TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science provides data scientists with a web-native, social collaboration interface to bring together the broader analytics community and manage projects. 


Automate analytical models with algorithms that iteratively learn from data and optimize performance. With machine learning algorithms for big data, you can put your computers to work finding new patterns and insights without explicitly programming them where to look.

TIBCO Solution Provider in Philippines

ITG is a Solution Business Partner of TIBCO in the Philippines with well-trained technicians for local support.

For more than a decade, ITG has been serving the enterprise market in various industries across Southeast Asia to help them make intelligent and effective business decisions. The company is ISO certified, this will ensure that you will receive only quality service from its team of skilled professionals.


Twelve Ways TIBCO Data Virtualization Turbocharges TIBCO Analytics

Researchers have found a striking relationship between the use of analytics and business performance: Companies that outperformed their industry in terms of profit, shareholder return, and revenue growth were 50 percent more likely to use analytics strategically, and five times as likely as low performers.


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