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iPaaS as a Force of Innovation

We built our iPaaS Solution to redefine what's possible:

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Build together.

Get everyone on the same page with a low-code interface for business and enough power for IT to automate even the most complex processes.

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Adapt faster.

Put your existing technology to work and go from idea to automation in hours instead of days.

Use it everywhere.

Support the full scale and diversity of your automation needs across the entire enterprise.

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Govern collaboratively.

Give every team the power to automate safely with consistent security and governance.

But the real magic isn't just connecting software - it comes from turning innovative ideas from across the organization into reality. With Workato, you will find countless new opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and grow.

Modern Business Automation with iPaaS

On average, companies use nearly 140 unique applications. It’s not easy to control app sprawl and keep everything secure while still moving fast enough to meet the needs of the business. That’s where automation comes in.

iPaas (integration platform as a service) is a technology for integrating and orchestrating all of a company’s other software solutions. In theory, iPaaS makes everything manageable. Connect, integrate, and automate your applications, data, and processes end-to-end.

As a result, the role of IT has shifted from delivering projects to being an accelerator of the business. In this model, IT is able to better collaborate with the business and projects can be co-created, while the business becomes responsible for running them. With automation, IT can worry about fulfilling tickets and “keeping the lights on” and instead focus on providing data and delivering high value solutions. 

With this expanded role, IT needs the technology, processes, and architecture to engage business teams and allow them to create new solutions with a system of governance institutional support. 

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Which automations make up these top IT processes?

  • Autonomous operation
  • Healthy log analytics
  • Site reliability operations
  • Service level management
  • Request management
  • Ticket management
  • Onboarding and transitions
  • Workplace reservation management
  • Virtual service desk (chatbots)

Empower your Workforce with Automation

Human Resource

Simplify your entire employee onboarding process. Save time and money by automating your workforce recruitment process from source to hire.


Make it easy for your whole team with a single, integrated customer experience platform. Get greater visibility of your customer journey at scale, with less resources and better results.


Integrate seamlessly with tools you already use, so you can quickly bring the information and connections you need into your workflow.


Get the visibility and insight needed to drive better business decisions backed by high quality, controlled data sets.


Get the tools and improve processes you need to resolve incidents with efficiency and confidence




Allows you to accurately track the right data at each point in your customer journey. Resolve your customer’s issues in real-time using the tools you use most.

The Next Phase of iPaaS

The future of automation won’t be led by IT or LOB — at least, not alone

In a world transformed by the COVID pandemic, pretty much every department is adding more and more automated processes — but IT and engineering are piling on the automations at a slower rate than the rest of the business. Customer support, historically the least automated of all corporate functions, has nearly tripled the number of automations year over year.

Obviously, the world is ready to embrace automation. So why are so many companies struggling to make that a reality?

Workato iPaaS next phase
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Why integration-led automation is the future of iPaaS

Conventional iPaaS isn't working. You need a platform that can do more.

The future of iPaaS won’t be exclusively controlled by the lines of business or IT. Instead, it will establish automation as a new discipline to bridge the gap between the business users who understand the fundamental problems and the expert technologists who can architect the best solutions.

With Workato, it’s easy to implement integration-led automation to power experiences, and teams. With simple visual interfaces, define triggers, line up actions, and establish basic logic flows to achieve more with less.

How to adapt your business to the future of iPaaS

The real magic isn't just connecting software- it comes from turning innovative ideas from across the organization into reality.

When your company is growing- particularly when it’s growing fast- every team is focused on building products, bringing them to market, and delivering the best they can for your customers. Who has time to worry about the applications you’re using to do it?

By establishing iPaaS as an independent discipline, owned by neither IT nor the lines of business, automation can open p whole new horizons for the company. Instead of being the wedge between IT and LOB, automation technology can bridge the gap.


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When you bring IT and business users together, you end up with a perfect mix: understanding of the fundamental problems and context, combined with expert technologists who can architect the best solution. The entire company becomes more efficient, more creative, and better able to respond to changing markets – and maybe even better prepared to develop inventive, ground-breaking products. 

Workato takes this balanced approach to iPaaS, accounting for the needs of all stakeholders. Our human-language interface allows anyone to learn and discover new ways to help the business with automation, while maintaining total control and governance through IT and business systems.

ITG to Help Enable

ITG is a Business Technology Expert that innovatively co-creates and delivers transformative solutions through valuable customer experience.

We provide technology software applications and solutions to ensure alignment with our customer’s objectives, goals, and strategies.

With 20 years of experience, we have been serving customers big and small across various industries throughout the ASEAN region. Alongside with our customers, we aspire to continue Innovate, Transform and Grow as we venture towards digital transformation.


Workato is a Unified Enterpirse Integration Platform and the fatest growing leader in the Enterprise Integration-led Automation Platform as a Service for the past 14 years since 2018. Acting as a single platform for automation and integration, Workato empowers organizations to turn your workflows into simple, powerful, intelligent automations for a seamless day-to-day operations. With over 7,000 of the world’s top brands and fastest growing innovators as their clients, Workato aims to reimagine integration and accelerate automation.

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