Consistent Data Delivery for Top Media Company with PostgreSQL


One of the top media companies in the Philippines is looking for a database technology that can accommodate High Availability (HA) function for a high volume transaction. During the data process, inconsistency occurs and may result in incorrect database information. With a large database in place, they cannot afford to have a single point of failure. Lastly, license, operational and maintenance costs are relatively high. 

Technology Offered:



ITG implemented the PostgreSQL HA (high availability) with a load balancing feature with point and time recovery solution. ITG provided pro-active database support and services. After implementation, the company was able to:

  • Cut down their IT spending to about 60% to 70% with the use of an Open Source proprietary database
  • Implement point in time recovery
  • Perform a load balancing mechanism to improve overall performance
  • Achieve the target database performance which is 15,000 concurrent connections per second
  • Improve database speed and performance
  • Deploy consistent data