Manage your Business from One End to Another with a Full Suite Business Management System for the Post Pandemic World

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Scale and complete without the complexity and cost. Connect every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analysis.

NetSuite Expertise in ERP Badge
NetSuite Expertise in ERP Badge

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Redundant scattered, unreliable data

Unsecure Backup Manual Systems

Poor Customer Experience


Streamlined and Efficient Process

Enables Quick and Wise Decisions Making

Standardized Operational Processes

Be Business Ready with the #1 Cloud ERP

Transforming operations with NetSuite software’s cloud-based business management solution (ERP and CRM) for a disruption-proof and digital-ready future

Business Management Solution That Goes Beyond Visibility

Solutions must go beyond solving business challenges – but must extend in making work simple, productive, and effective.

NetSuite is the cloud-based business management software that can help effectively manage all key business processes in a single ERP & CRM system, such as finance and accounting, inventory management, warehousing management, customer management, and eCommerce. With built-in data analytic tools, your business can make wiser decisions and achieve business intelligence.

Work anywhere, anytime with NetSuite ERP – a cloud-based software solution – available whenever and wherever you wish to access it. Upfront licenses and maintenance fees associated with hardware purchases can be eliminated with NetSuite’s business management solution readily available on the cloud.

Reduce operational costs with accurate processes and a business intelligence tool to increase your business revenue today!

Rise to Digital with Cloud Business Management Solutions

Jumpstart your digital transformation journey by taking your business to the next level with the trusted and proven Cloud ERP and CRM Solution for your core financial and operational processes

Scaling with your Growth

Built to seamlessly scale and adapt to the business models for the new reality of business operations. Every suite can be customized and tailor-fit for your business to ensure end-to-end productivity

Customer-Centric ERP

NetSuite ERP refines customer-facing systems to ensure the acceleration of customer experience for retention and complete satisfaction

Intelligent Business

NetSuite software gives you a real-time view of your operations with dashboards that offers full visibility of your business processes with data analytics that can navigate towards business intelligence.

Business Management Suites That Suits Your Needs

With NetSuite software, future-proof your start-up, mid-market, and large to multinational enterprise with the agile, scalable, and affordable business platform that can evolve as your business grows.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Automate your opportunity-to-cash process and manage CRM activities across divisions and subsidiaries. Get global visibility into and management of every aspect of CRM, including marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, forecasts, customer service, partner management, and more.


Provide omnichannel commerce and manage B2B and B2C operations while increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs with business intelligence tools in one platform for a multi-channel, multi-location business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Accelerate business performance with real-time information and get a 360º view of the business. Through NetSuite’s business intelligence tools, get the right business insights to leverage towards growth. Acquire comprehensive financial management reports, including revenue management and billing solutions, to inventory, and warehouse.

One World

Manage multinational and multi-subsidiary operations in real-time with NetSuite OneWorld. Improve your global businesses’ operational efficiency with the right software that will provide the flexibility to customize your solution for specific corporate and subsidiary needs.

Thrive in Your Business with Industry-Specific Solutions

NetSuite ERP is the #1 Business Management Suite to gain a competitive advantage in your industry with solutions that are custom-fit for your business requirements specific to your industry practices

Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies
Media and Publishing
Wholesale Distribution

Digitizing Core Business Processes for Valuable Customer Experience

We have worked with businesses from all across the nation to ensure turn-around and growth from the back-end operations to the customer-facing end to ensure a valuable experience in every touchpoint. By providing the right Customer Relationship Management system, position your business to gain more conversions and sales amidst disruptions in today’s market.

Creating Transformative Solutions Together with the Right Digital Partner

With over 20 years of experience in providing IT solutions across 4 different ASEAN regions, ITG is your technology partner in your Digital Transformation journey. Our team of technology experts ensures tailor-fit solutions that can you stride in the fast-paced world of doing business.

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