Secure and Analyze your Data in Real Time with Elastic

Proactively anticipate your customers needs and provide a seamless experience across all touch points

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Unstructured and Unused Data

Unable to Scale Multiple Workloads

Unsecured Data


Modernized Information Infrastructure

Increase Business User Productivity

Enforce Security and Centralized Data Governance

Search solutions made simple

We help people explore and analyze data differently using the power of search.

Implementing Powerful Search Experiences and Customizable Virtualization Solutions with Elastic

Explore and analyze your business data using the power of search and virtualization. With ElasticSearch and Kibana, we will help you gain new ideas with your complete, accurate, and updated data to make wiser business decisions.

The Stack that will Take your Business Beyond Growth

Streamline your search and visualization experience with Elastic Stack

Search your way

Elasticsearch stores, searches, and analyzes your data with ease at scale. Perform different types of searches - structured, unstructured, geo, metric - whichever way you want.

Intuitively Analyze your Data

Kibana lets you explore with clear, outstanding and interactive visualizations that lets you navigate and shape your data proactively. Drive insights from your data and get a full picture of your data in a customizable dashboard.

Experience the Power of Search and Virtualization

Deploying solutions for enterprise built on a single, flexible technology stack

Expedite Results with Search

Perform and combine structured, unstructured, geo and metric searches

Robust Design

Built for storing numeric and geo data, and a column store to get data analysis quickly

Expedite Accessibility

Leverage and access all of your data extremely fast

Visualize your Data for Wiser Business Decisions

With NetSuite software, future-proof your start-up, mid-market, and large to multinational enterprise with the agile, scalable, and affordable business platform that can evolve as your business grows.

Easy to Use

Powerful Geospatial Capabilities

Intuitive Charts and Reports

Capable of Handling Huge Amounts of Data

Leading Practices and Expertise for Your Industry

Incorporating best-practice for your business with technology to evolve in a intelligent enterprise

Banking and Finance
Telco, Tech, and Media
Public Services

Digitizing Core Business Processes for Valuable Customer Experience

We have worked with businesses from all across the nation to ensure turn-around and growth from the back-end operations to the customer-facing end to ensure a valuable experience in every touchpoint. By providing the right Customer Relationship Management system, position your business to gain more conversions and sales amidst disruptions in today’s market.

Creating Transformative Solutions Together with the Right Digital Partner

With over 20 years of experience in providing IT solutions across 4 different ASEAN regions, ITG is your technology partner in your Digital Transformation journey. Our team of technology experts ensures tailor-fit solutions that can you stride in the fast-paced world of doing business.

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