Redefining Technology Investments for SMEs with Kita

Accelerating the growth of your business from one end to another
Author: Mica Leopardas & Rosan Yanisce Ferrer

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are blooming to be the gamechangers in today’s business landscape. In a comparative study on The Development of MSME’s and Policies in Indonesia and Malaysia, they have concluded that, “SMEs contributes significantly the economy growth of both countries, Indonesia and Malaysia.” The unexpected downturn of the world economy due to COVID-19 made a huge and dramatic impact on SMEs. Which is why it is vital to continually evolve and innovate even in a time of uncertainty to adapt to the new reality of business operations.

The Relevance of Technology in Today’s Business Operations

Most successful businesses started when technology is not the bread and butter of the business. With the rapid pace of technology evolution, every business is still struggling to keep up with the digital revolution. Come 2020, almost nothing gets done without technology.

Consensus proves that technology is now the bloodline of every business, whether it be small, medium or large enterprises. Organizations are facing increasingly dynamic market demands of better quality of goods and services, speed of delivery and personalization. Most businesses fail in doing it right. Major impediments show that it is organization and human-related issues, that includes resistance to change, shifting business process and evolving organizational structure.

Acquiring Technology to Simplify & Transform Business

Acquiring technology for your business does not only pertain to being on top of the innovation game. More importantly, investing in the right technology must first be about the value it will give from the backend to the frontline of your business.

As previously mentioned, many businesses started without any technology in place. It took a lot of time and effort to complete the full cycle of the business process because manual and complicated steps are in place. As early as the inception of your business, it is important to take on the Digital Transformation journey to simplify and enhance the agility of your core operations.  Technology adaptation came into place to strengthen the original core and not to mess up the current flow. Businesses who have embraced technology and digital solutions can now simplify menial tasks, fast-track manual operations, and scale to give way to critical thinking on decisions to improve the business.

Rethinking Technology Investments to Help Grow Your Business

This is where the new-age Enterprise resource planning helps businesses improve, catch up and be competitive. ERP has ushered a better and more efficient way of doing business processes. However, SMEs are still reluctant to adopt these technologies. There is a certain mindset that E’s, getting an ERP system entails a huge amount of investment to manage and maintain.

As you get your hands into a Cloud based ERP, you will see how it saves you more money and investment. Contrary to the current mindset that business owners have, SME’s can acquire an ERP solution that is flexible, cost-effective to manage and grow your business, and remotely accessible for your business on the go.

ITG wants to help advance your business through a  robust technology solution at an affordable price with quick deployment and fast return on investment. Kita provides SME’s a trustworthy solution to ensure the end to end accessibility of your business operations while maintaining practicality in spending your resources. Now is the time to rethink your investments.

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