Digital Workplace: Modernizing Business Operations in the New Normal

Author: Ann Bernadette Rosario & Rosan Yanisce Ferrer

Before the COVID19 pandemic, quite a number of organizations have already started their Digital Transformation journey. According to Tech Pro research, 70% of the enterprises have a digital transformation strategy in place and are already working on one. With the ongoing crisis, companies are forced to fast track implementation of their digital strategies to support and maintain business operations and shift towards the digital workplace mindset.

In order to ensure business continuity and protect the employee’s safety, businesses had to shift most of their operations into a remote work set up, enable administrators to connect, manage and control laptops, desktops, and mobile devices in LAN and WAN, a web-based tool that enables access anywhere worldwide. The current situation gives dawn to a new era of the Digital Workplace – new normal of today. Employees are expected to work collaboratively and efficiently while in the comfort of their homes. Employers must extend their utmost support to their employee’s overall remote working environment. (Get to know more about Remote Access Plus and Desktop Central)


Support Your Employees Digital Workplace

The right tools will enable your digital workplace to successfully meet both employee and customer demands. Having the proper tools and platforms that will support your business operations will lead to delivering great employee and client experience. The goal is to exceed the normal production rate of the employees, regardless of where they are working.

The success of establishing a Digital Workplace is only possible with the help of a trusted provider of IT Service Management tools and services. ManageEngine is ITG’s partner to help your business to have a seamless shift towards the new normal. (Explore more of Servicedesk Plus ESM)


Invest in Remote-Access Solutions

One of the main challenges in working remotely is security. With employees leaving the premises of their organization, the whole network is exposed to a higher risk of cyberattacks. As perceived, a lot of hackers exploited the vulnerability of the situation which made way for phishing and malware attacks.

Log 360, is a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution that allows IT administrators to monitor and track remote user behavior and activities. 

The management should take additional precautionary measures to keep their organizations protected from these attacks. (Get more details about  Log360


Consider Automating Business Processes

Automating your business processes helps the organization efficiently manage tasks and improve operational stability especially in the scenario of a digital workplace. The chances of errors will be eliminated while producing quality work and at the same time ensuring the security of the entire network.

With ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus ESM (Enterprise Service Management) tool businesses can now automate their workflow for seamless delivery experience across various departments. 

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