New Digital Experience Starts with BCP

Part 2 of Three (3) Part Mini-series: Is Your Business Prepared for the Next Global Disruptor? 
Author: Rosan Yanisce Ferrer & Charisse Ann Kho

COVID-19 is fueling businesses to a whole new wave of innovation. It has drastically changed how businesses work in just a click of a button. Work from home and telecommuting suddenly became a norm, and cloud-based business platforms are now on-demand. All of this is just the start of innovations that will change the way things work in this early decade.

The New Normal: A New Wave of Disruptive Innovations

IT Spending allocations for 2020 have been expected to focus on keeping up with emerging trends like IT Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. According to a study done by Spiceworks, about 13% of the 2020 IT budget is allocated on the development of businesses’ operating systems, 11% on applications for their specific industry, and 10% for productivity applications. 

With the rise of Covid-19, businesses are expected to shift priorities to mitigate the risks and reevaluate their digital initiatives to know if they are truly efficient. There is little room for ignorance because similar disruptions can happen unexpectedly. Everyone must start to prepare and get on board with innovation. 

“Resilient organizations are those that prepare for worst-case scenarios and can recover faster- and ultimately survive – incidents that might devastate others,” Stephanie Balaouras, Alla Valente, and Andrew Hewitt; Forrester report

BCP on Your Business Ecosystem

COVID-19 paves the way to shift the focus on having a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). This is a comprehensive plan wherein businesses can effectively operate once an unforeseen crisis arises and how it will start to recover after. ITG provides companies robust solutions, platforms, tools, and services so that you can proactively address your recovery strategy. Our

  • Business Management Solutions can help you shift your business’ mobility in your day-to-day operations with NetSuite, InsightSCS, and ComBtas. Provides assistance in the management of your production chain from supply to distribution, by providing better insights to achieve better quality and reduced lead time.
  • IT Management Solutions support your everyday operations by increasing mobility and accessibility through the remote platforms of ManageEngine. These are solutions that foster collaboration and ensure connectivity anywhere and anytime. Strengthen your IT security against cyber threats by using the proper monitoring tools and finding your operational blindspots.
  • Infrastructure & Database Management Solutions provide seamless backend support to handle data integrity, security, back up, and recovery. Made possible in partnership with MySQL or EDB, or MongoDB or Red Hat of Axway or Pivotal.
  • Data Analytics Solutions yield real-time data insights with monitoring dashboards. Forecast scenarios based on your actual business trends with TIBCO and make better business decisions.


Higher Level of Adoption: We Are Here To Help

After this unprecedented crisis, businesses are forced to rethink their initiatives to a notch higher. Every decision maker is now shifting their mindset in investing in digital and technological tools that can survive yet another catastrophe. This is where ITG can help you broaden your perspective in your IT investments: 

  1. Instead of investing more on on-premise infrastructure, you may want to shift your investment priorities to remotely accessible systems and solutions like Cloud ERP and remote system tools. Your team can have the capability to work without being limited by location and time while increasing efficiency to handle other tasks.
  2. Enhance and implement digital core automation solutions with the proper support systems. Ensure your system’s uptime and availability to handle large demands of data and ability to recover during issues.
  3. Hesitate less on working on your cybersecurity plan for compliance and data protection. During crises, cybercrime is rampant and will definitely put your systems at risk. Use solutions that will fortify your network and your tools to prevent data theft, harassment, and hacking.

These solutions are consolidated by ITG to help you plan your IT investments in line with your BCP initiatives:

Business Continuity Plan 

  • ManageEngine’s 30 day free trial solutions
  • ManageEngine’s Customer Care Plan for SMB’s
  • ComBTAS’ Remote Expense Management Platform


  • NetSuite’s Budget control via NetSuite Advance Financials
  • ManageEngine free tools
  • TIBCO’s Analytics used as a stabilizer
  • EDB’ s Database Admin Support for Failover Manager and Enterprise Manager

Recovery and Survival Program

  • NetSuite & ComBTAS’ Expense Management Platform
  • TIBCO’s free trial for analytic strategy
  • EDB’s Failover and Replication Manager, Fault-tolerant Postgres

We at ITG can help you as you push forward as you adapt to the higher level of the new normal.  We will be glad to hold deep-dive discussions with you to further understand your goals and prepare for what is to come this 2020. Schedule a virtual appointment with us today:

Stay tuned as we talk about the windows of opportunities that may propel businesses in the aftermath of COVID 19.