ITG Wins Red Hat’s CY20 Commercial Partner of the Year

IT Group, Inc. (ITG), the country’s trusted business solutions provider yet again proved its excellence. In Red Hat’s ASEAN Partner Synergy 2021 Virtual Awards Ceremony held on February 24, 2021, ITG was awarded as CY20 Commercial Partner of the Year. ITG’s President and CEO, Cris Gamboa, virtually accepted the award. 

ITG has been a valued partner of Red Hat for 14 years. It is a partnership that has been backed up with awards for its great collaboration. 2020 is no different as Red Hat recognizes ITG’s excellence demonstration through its continuous promotion and growth of Red Hat’s footprint in the commercial space.

As ITG’s President and CEO, Cris Gamboa put it, “14 years seems like yesterday but as they say, age is just a number. We’ll continue to partner with you to win.” ITG is a true testament that longevity is never an issue for growth. With ITG’s hunger to venture ahead, it  is committed to Red Hat and will stay consistent through 2021 and beyond.

ITG is dedicated to continuously provide transformative solutions through valuable customer experience. Over the years, ITG is commended for its noteworthy performance. This is especially true last year, with its significant revenue contribution in the commercial market segment that aligns with Red Hat’s development and growth priorities.

With ITG’s phenomenal effort to deliver innovative solutions through Red Hat Open Source technologies, our firm vision of delivering transformative solutions to businesses is the force that drives the difference in the way businesses work and it will continue to do so in the years to come. ITG is future-fit to venture ahead with Red Hat’s transformative solutions.