Malaysia Retail Summit

Last October 17, 2019, ITG became a part of the “Malaysia Retail Technology & Innovation Summit” at the Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The event was graced by 300 decision-makers from 126 retail companies from all over Malaysia. We partnered with Oracle NetSuite and Vinculum to help retailers grow “Beyond Borders, Across Channels”.

The summit was held to help people in the retail industry learn and share how they can transform their business through technological utilization. One of the aims of the summit is to help retailers, suppliers, and partners to understand the trends and innovations in the age of digital retail. They also showcased a variety of topics such as smart shops, customer analytics, seamless shopping experiences across multi-channels, enterprise-wide inventory visibility, many-to-many fulfillment agility, and building effective customer loyalty. 


Our experts from IT Group Pte. Ltd., Oracle NetSuite and Vinculum shared valuable insights during the event. ITG’s Technology Manager for ERP CRM, Rubie Grace Villamor talked about  Mori. Mori is the representation of a millennial Malaysian consumer and entrepreneur. She contributed to the 20 to 30% growth of the internet economy in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. By 2025, 76% of the global workforce and consumers will be like her. 

Our technology expert from Oracle NetSuite, Kenny Hong shared the importance of finance automation in an international omnichannel operation. He emphasized how Oracle NetSuite can provide real-time visibility, management control through businesses across borders on a worldwide scale. ITG was awarded as Oracle NetSuite’s 5-star partner in 2018.

The Co-Founder and Vice President for Omnichannel of Vinculum, Deepak Shingla talked about how brands and retailers can have a unified experience across channels and devices. Vinculum is a market leader in enabling omnichannel retailing with SaaS-based products helping brands and retailers easily scale across 30+ countries globally.

Together as technology partners, our aim is to help your retail business establish a seamless omnichannel experience through both Digital and Physical Retail environments.