Supercharging Digital Transformation with IT Group Inc.’s partnership with EnterpriseDB

ITG is now an EDB Gold Level Partner covering several regional territories namely the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. ITG is directly authorized to distribute, resell and provide EnterpriseDB Products and services after working for over 4 years with its regional partner. Throughout the years, together with EnterpriseDB, ITG has continually provided versatile Database Management tools and platforms for Enterprise businesses across different industries such as Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Technology and Media, and Public Services.

As the world constantly innovates and scales, EDB offers an integrated portfolio of databases and tools that extend PostgreSQL for enterprise workloads, featuring world-class support.

Together, ITG and EDB makes it possible for organizations to keep up with the agile progression of business operations while optimizing costs. With our expertise in Digital Transformation we have partnered 4 out of the 5 top banks in the Philippines  to accelerate their operations with the best fit technology for their line of business.

Support your business’ database usage for core processes and transactions with EDB’s supercharged platform. Sprint your progress with Postgres!

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