Touchless Expense Report and Account Payables in the Changing Workplace

Resolving the Technology Gap for Companies with Employee’s Expense Reporting for the New Normal

Nowadays, requests for payments (RFP) and expense reports are being sent to offices that are closed, and the approval process is still dependent on passing documents from one office to another – or in the current scenario, from one home to another for signatures. Payment to vendors and suppliers usually occur by  mailing checks or through bank deposits, which can be difficult or even impossible for some. In a time when budgets are tights, it is vital that AP departments expedite paying their dues.

To ensure uninterrupted operations for the new normal business operations, we are excited to introduce a smart technology which can streamline corporate workflow, secure your businesses, and minimize operational irregularities. ITG together with ComBtas is proud to launch the expense management solution that can help your business process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses in today’s low-touch operations.

CExpense Management Solutions is a tool that allows you to manage activities associated with the cash flow. It includes a comprehensive review of all cash flows that can help take control of expenses, undertake immediate renegotiations with suppliers, and apply for government loans and aid where these are available and needed.

  • Touch-less Invoice and Expense Report Processing: How corporations can digitize their process by getting rid of the paperwork, manual entry, and errors
  • Predicting for the Future: by boosting outlook into spend and cash flow
  • Fewer Manual Work and Lesser Errors: no matter where your staff are located
  • Seamless user-experience: Efficiency advantage, cost savings through budget control and maintenance systematically
  • Moment of truth: Pre-defined Analysis Reports, dashboards and key metrics resulting to a thorough view into spending

ComBtas, is a leading provider of travel expense management solutions that offers a comprehensive solution in an all-in-one platform. Early this year, ComBtas partnered with ITG and is now the Exclusive Distributor for the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Together, let us move forward as we ensure that your business can withstand the unpredictable changes in today’s challenging business landscape with ComBtas. With the right tools, we can guide your digital  journey towards recovering and being a crisis proof business.

Schedule a virtual meeting and consult with our experts today to learn more about CExpense and more: info@itgroupinc,asia