Venturing with You in the Midst of COVID-19

To our Partners across the world,

Good morning! I wish you well and in good health. In a few days, our respective governments will reopen our communities in an attempt to restore business as usual.  These past weeks have caught me displaced, and you probably experienced the same too. May God’s mercy, protection and grace fill your household in this difficult time. Together, we heal and rise again.

I give great respect to all the warriors of this war. They shall be remembered for their selfless act of courage and commitment to their duties to provide healthcare to the sick. Together, we honor and appreciate what they have given up so that we can move ahead.

The impact that the global crisis has created for the business environment has brought us into an unprecedented and unfamiliar territory, one where global economists, government leaders, business analysts and strategists are still grappling with this new normal.  The world that we know is forever changed — economically, socially, politically, and technologically. Together, we will reinvent ourselves and fill the void that this disruption created.

In the new world that we are about to enter into, new rules, protocols, systems and culture will be in place. We are in a state of reset as we attempt to build the new best practices. Technology during this time has played an invaluable role in bridging the gaps to survive. ‘Digital transformation’ already sounds very 2007, as the crisis has accelerated the path to digital, laying the foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs and workers.  Together, we will co-create solutions to build a more resilient environment to withstand future challenges and crises.

Let us together enter the new world with hope, courage, and decisiveness in leading our respective families and organizations in rebuilding our communities.

Through God’s grace, Together we will.


Cris P. Gamboa
Chairman & CEO, IT Group
Philippines | Indonesia | Singapore | Malaysia