Let's Talk about Accounting Capacity

APAC Webinar

Today half of accounting capacity is often trapped in transactional work―much of it compressed into period-end. It’s the number one roadblock to transformation. Get a game plan to unlock capacity and determine which accounting processes are best for immediate modernization. On top of that, the role of the accountant is changing, we are being asked to do more, so we need to rid ourselves of all the manual work in order to do all that is being asked.

BlackLine’s finance controls and automation platform is designed to free up Accounting’s time by streamlining the most time-consuming activities. Whether you’re an accountant analyzing an exception or a controller reviewing a reconciliation, with BlackLine, you have time to complete it—with confidence.

Join this webinar to see a high-level demonstration of the BlackLine platform and learn:

  • About the changing role of the accountant and what we can do to keep up with the changes.
  • How BlackLine can maximize your experience and help you through your transformation journey
  • The exciting ways technology can free up your time to do more!

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