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February 16, 2024 | Blog

Knowledge is power, but for businesses to triumph, they require more than just awareness. They need meticulous planning and reliable partners to execute tasks efficiently. According to Harvard Business School Online, Catherine Cote explained before reaping success, we must plant the seeds of proper business planning. “It’s important to highlight that strategic planning is an ongoing process—not a one-time meeting. Strategic planning requires time, effort, and continual reassessment. Given the proper attention, it can set your business on the right track,” she said. 

However, strategic planning is just the initial rung on the ladder. Often, the hiccup lies not in the planning but in the execution. Clear, focused, and well-defined plans enable businesses to anticipate challenges, refine processes, and avoid pitfalls. The missing link? The meticulous detailing of the process from point A to B, and often, the overlooked task delegation.

Anticipating failures is critical for business leaders, but having the right partners is paramount. Partners who comprehend your visions, align with your goals and offer tailored solutions to your business needs. It’s no longer just about planning; it’s about flawless execution, guiding your business toward growth and success through digital transformation.

1. Streamline Your Processes 

Streamlining processes is no small feat, but it simplifies the journey from start to finish in the business realm. Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP and IT Group, Inc. presents a formidable tool to optimize your operations seamlessly. This is a game-changer for businesses seeking a comprehensive 360-degree view of their organization.

“With a single, integrated suite of applications for managing accounting, order processing, inventory management, production, supply chain, and warehouse operations, NetSuite ERP gives companies clear visibility into their data and tighter control over their businesses,” NetSuite said. The more organized your processes become, the more precise your visibility, enabling you to serve your customers and clients with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

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In addition to operational efficiency, streamlining your processes positions your business as a champion for sustainability. Rubie Grace Villamor, ITG’s Head of Business Management Solutions, passionately advocated for Compliance Towards Sustainable Business at the Negros Business Leaders Forum 2023 event in Bacolod. “The shift towards a sustainability mindset has been revolutionary and is changing the business and investment landscape,” she said. “A sustainable business is a compliant and profitable business. It’s the way to the future and our way to stay competitive and relevant.”

2. Modernize Your Finances  

Accelerating business success requires a modern approach to financial management. In the recent “Finance Transformation” event, a collaboration between ITG and technological partner BlackLine, focused on addressing business challenges, particularly within finance departments. From CFOs to accountants, the consensus was clear—traditional and manual accounting is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and counterproductive.

Campbell Travis, Senior Director for Channels of BlackLine for Asia Pacific, and Nikhil Parambanth, Enterprise Applications Sales Leader of BlackLine, emphasized that automation allows businesses to “focus on more strategic activities that will grow or transform the business.”

Ruth Viray, Shared Services Center Group Head at P.J Lhuillier Group of Companies, shared their success story, highlighting how BlackLine and automation empowered their team to transition from task-doers to analytical thinkers. Modernizing finance with BlackLine ensures unified processes and accurate financial data, paving the way for data-driven decisions aligning with your financial business goals.

3. Take Control of Your Cybersecurity

In this digital time and age, businesses must secure and protect their data and information. Enhancing your IT Security should be allotted a proper investment because, after all, a business without data privacy and security is vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches, which could taint the reputation and integrity of the company and break the trust of your loyal customers and potential clients. During the celebration of World Data Privacy Day our Tech Experts joined the conversation, sharing their take on what security means to business to clients, and to the people we protect behind it.

Rommel Bernabe, ITG’s Head of IT Management Solutions, gave important advice for all businesses, saying that security should always start with proactive checking from the inside out. “The demand for technology is increasing, and at the same time, threats are also evolving, so we need to practice [how to protect our data],” he said. ManageEngine, one of ITG’s technological partners, provides cost-effective and comprehensive IT management solutions such as Privilege Access Management, Identity Access Management, and Endpoint Security, to name a few, helping businesses fight cyber attacks, whether from the inside or outside of their organization. 

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Bernabe, at the previous Negros Business Leaders Forum, also emphasized why businesses should take charge of their IT management. “Cybersecurity holds a simple truth: we want to protect something important to us. We want it to be safe and secure. And that’s the core of what we do, providing IT security as you begin your digital transformation with us,” he affirmed.

4. Automate and Integrate

Automation has been a catalyst for revolutionizing business, propelling industrialization forward for decades. In today’s landscape, automation extends its innovation beyond industrialization into the digital realm. Workato, a pioneer in automation and integration, has partnered with ITG to offer the perfect ‘recipe’ for your business success in 2024. Workato empowers organizations to streamline processes and seamlessly integrate applications. Its user-friendly approach sets Workato apart—no need for complex coding; it’s simple and easy to use. 

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Workato introduces the concept of a ‘recipe,’ where you can prepare a set of conditions triggering commands and actions, seamlessly syncing and integrating with other applications. For instance, an action is initiated based on specific triggers, but this time, it’s system-based. “Recipes come with advanced features, enabling businesses to handle all app integration and workflow automation scenarios, including complex data transformations, conditional triggers and actions, duplicate detection, and much more,” as highlighted by Workato.

5. Start Your IT Modernization Journey  

In successful enterprises, a crucial insight is their reliance on open source software. Originating from the Open Source World, this free software allows users to update, collaborate, and modify the code, fostering better software development and security solutions through a community-based collaborative culture. Red Hat, renowned as the premier open-source software for businesses, empowers enterprises to embrace agility, scalability, and efficiency in IT operations through containerization, cloud-native development, and advanced automation. This sets the stage for a modernized and future-ready IT environment.

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Although as much as open source software gives everyone an edge to modify software with the existing codes, Ryan Ching,  ITG’s Head of Enterprise IT Infrastructure Solutions, shared that the best way to maximize open source software is to have a solid partnership with certified developers like Red Hat. It can connect your business with powerful operating systems such as Linux through Red Hat and have access to their extensive hardware, software, and cloud partner ecosystem, and comes with 24×7 support. In short, your business will gain business advantages from the Open Source World because of its secure community while having a solid support system from our certified and trusted partner, Red Hat. 

6. Always On and Be Extremely Available  

Always on, always present, and extremely available – that’s the promise of EnterpriseDB, one of the open-source database technologies offered by ITG. In big enterprises dealing with vast amounts of data, high and extreme availability is crucial for success. EDB empowers businesses to master data management at scale, ensuring availability and reliability across all deployments. This translates to more extensive, better, and more secure data storage, allowing your business to access critical information whenever and wherever needed.

7. Find the Right Partner to Venture Together

Embarking on the journey of 2024, let’s seize success together! IT Group, Inc., an IT Solution Partner in the Philippines and the ASEAN region extends a critical insight for your triumph—finding the right partner to venture alongside. With over two decades of experience, ITG continues to excel, serving clients excellently through strategic alliances with our tech partners.

Operating from four regional offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, we have assisted over 200 clients across diverse industries in digital transformation, boasting a portfolio of 250+ successful projects. With robust expertise, distinguished credentials, and certifications from industry and tech partners, ITG will guide you toward success in 2024 and beyond.