AI and Tech Partners Explore its Power to Help Businesses

July 05, 2024 | Blog

Businesses should always be one step ahead to keep up with the competitive market. Anticipating change for the better will always be the goal, and technology will always bring change. If not, it dictates the market to go into new ground of how and when to do business, like AI or artificial intelligence. IT Group, Inc. (ITG) has been in the business for over 21 years, helping organizations with digital transformation across the region.

Today, IT Group, Inc. (ITG) and our technological partners share the advantages of using AI in the current tech and how it can improve your business model and processes, ensuring your organization’s growth and development.

AI and Tech Partners Explore its Power to Help Businesses

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence?

  2. AI and Oracle NetSuite

  3. AI and BlackLine

  4. AI and Workato

  5. AI and ManageEngine

  6. AI and EBD

  7. AI and Red Hat

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the modern business world, technology is a must. Many companies are adapting their way of doing business, incorporating technology to improve the delivery of excellent customer service. Artificial intelligence, in fact, is now making waves in many industries, especially when combined with solid solutions already in the market. But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence, or AI? Rashi Maheshwari shared her thoughts about defining AI in her Forbes article. “Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science which performs tasks with the help of smart machines and various applications, with or without human cognitive functions or supervisions — such as interpreting speech, playing games and identifying patterns,” she said. “AI represents a computerized machine with human-level intelligence, loaded with all sorts of cognitive abilities specifically programmed to perform various tasks.” 

As ITG ventures with its technological partners across the ASEAN region, our partners level up their game to feature and include AI in their latest roosters of solutions.

AI and Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite, ITG’s one of its longest technological partners, sees the power of AI and incorporates it into its solutions. “As a full suite of cloud-based ERP applications, NetSuite centralizes your data from all business functions to provide an ideal foundation for getting the most out of AI. Businesses that have data spread across many siloed systems, on the other hand, will need to first gather, organize, and transform that data before AI systems can make use of it,” they said.

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According to NetSuite, it runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data centers and Oracle Autonomous Database, where you “have all the performance and prebuilt machine learning models needed to power AI-driven strategies,” which can quickly offer ready-made best-of-breed Oracle AI-powered applications and offer them to NetSuite users “NetSuite AI uses data and automation capabilities from the suite to handle repetitive tasks, which helps increase accuracy, speed up work, and free up employees to focus on other work. NetSuite AI-powered assistant features including invoice processing and content generation,” they added.

Note: ITG offers Oracle NetSuite in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore

AI and BlackLine

Meanwhile, BlackLine, ITG’s other partner focusing on digital finance transformation, recently released its newest offering with AI features—BlackLine’s Journals Risk Analyser. “BlackLine’s Journals Risk Analyser captures, understands, and evaluates companies’ journal entries across multiple ERPs and systems and offers dynamic, user-friendly dashboards that provide one-click access to important metrics, “ they said in their press release. “The powerful functionality enables new and actionable visibility into companies’ journal entries and process and allows for dynamic KPI trending. AI-generated insights can flag potential areas of fraud and compliance risk, and highlight potential areas for improvement.” 

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BlackLine also anticipated the beauty of AI integration with other software in their newest offering. “ BlackLine’s Journals Risk Analyser can be implemented rapidly and is compatible with any ERP. The move is part of BlackLine’s strategy to embed AI across its entire platform of financial close, intercompany accounting, invoice-to-cash, and consolidation solutions,” they added. 

Note: ITG offers BlackLine in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore

AI and Workato

For one of the leading partners for automation and integration, Workato, ITG’s tech partner, is also at the forefront of ensuring AI is part of their newest offering. In the Business Wire story, Workato launched AI@Work last year to drive business efficiency at scale through the power of generative AI. There are important pillars why Workato supports AI and includes it in its offerings: One, it enables businesses to adopt AI in their automation; two to introduce Workato Copilot, building recipes and connectors using natural language; and three, announcing WorkbotGPT, a new way to automate work using a Chat UX.

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“Today, the massive productivity, efficiencies, and innovations AI can bring to businesses are only limited by the scale with which companies adopt it,” said Gautham Viswanathan, co-founder, and Chief Product Officer at Workato. “Workato’s AI@Work brings the power of AI, Automation, and Integration capabilities into a single platform to enable enterprises to rapidly adopt AI at scale. With AI@Work, we are making it easier for our customers to incorporate generative AI in their automation, introducing a copilot experience to build recipes and connectors, and, finally, a new way to converse with your applications and data to automate your work.”

With AI@Work, Workato users will soon be able to use and maximize the following: Workato Copilot.AI Connectivity, WorkbotGPT, and GEARSAI.

Note: ITG offers Workato in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore

AI and ManageEngine

When it comes to IT and security, ManageEngine, ITG’s partner for IT Solutions Management, is also at the forefront, including AI in their way of improving and innovating their products. “Executives are also expected to shift to the strategic use of AI to better their day-to-day IT operations,” ManageEngine said. According to them, AI in IT helps elevate the business process, especially in terms of automation, integration, and cybersecurity. They shared the power of AI in two things: Explainable AI and AI-powered security.  Explainable AI will help IT teams to see how AI thinks and makes decisions with proper explanation, in which the team “can review and correct the AI system in real time” according to their need. Meanwhile, AI-powered security means “improving the accuracy of threat detection, performing preliminary inquiries on detected threats, and responding to potential cyber threats” in their organization.  

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“From an enterprise IT perspective, our AI-enabled solutions continue to prove their worth as they make IT admins’ lives easier by automating help desk operations, providing real-time insights about potential security incidents, offering conversational assistance, and providing preemptive solutions to customers’ problems using predictive analysis,” they said. “We’ve built our AI model while keeping business value and end-user experience in mind. Our AI-based solutions are capable of providing well-defined, actionable insights, automating routine tasks, reducing the margin for error, engaging with clients, and maximizing employee productivity.”

Note: ITG offers ManageEngine in the Philippines and Singapore

AI and EBD

In the open source technology, EBD, ITG’s open source solution partner,  made its recent announcement of including AI to their newest brand of the organization, the – EDB Postgres® AI, an Intelligent Platform for Transactional, Analytical and AI Workloads. “Marking 20 years of technological progress and innovation, EDB, the leading Postgres data and AI company, today launched EDB Postgres® AI, an intelligent platform for transactional, analytical and AI workloads. This is the industry’s first platform that can be deployed as cloud, software or physical appliance, all powered by the same Postgres engine,” they said. 

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“The launch of EDB Postgres AI also comes with a new corporate identity aimed at the belief that Postgres can solve the AI generation’s most complex data challenges. In this new era, Postgres and EDB will enable customers to break data silos and launch new AI initiatives across any cloud, anywhere with the confidence of enterprise-grade security, compliance and availability,” they added. Postgres, over the years, is a tested and proven DBMS (database management system) with the enterprise capabilities necessary to manage multi-model data, connect with existing systems and deploy rapidly across multiple environments.

Note: ITG offers EDB in the Philippines, Indonesia, and SingaporeAI and ManageEngine

AI and Red Hat

Another open source technology that ITG is proud to venture with its one of longest partner Red Hat. Last month, Red Hat, world’s leading provider of open source solution, announced the launched fo Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI (RHEL AI). “RHEL AI brings together the open source-licensed Granite large language model (LLM) family from IBM Research, InstructLab model alignment tools based on the LAB (Large-scale Alignment for chatBots) methodology and a community-driven approach to model development through the InstructLab project,” they said. 

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“The entire solution is packaged as an optimized, bootable RHEL image for individual server deployments across the hybrid cloud and is also included as part of OpenShift AI, Red Hat’s hybrid machine learning operations (MLOps) platform, for running models and InstructLab at scale across distributed cluster environments.” According to Red Hat, RHEL AI includes open source-licensed Granite language and code models, a supported, lifecycled distribution of InstructLab, optimized bootable model runtime instances, and Red Hat’s complete enterprise support and lifecycle promise.  

Note: ITG offers EDB in the Philippines and Indonesia

Let’s Venture AI Together

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