High Availability is Mission-Critical
to Your Business:

99.999% Availability is Possible

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Extreme high availability is mission-critical to highly transactional and secure databases. Unexpected downtime and lag can cost a business millions of dollar and create regulatory issues and reputation damage. 

EDB Postgres Distributed’s highly resilient architecture keeps your mission-critical applications “Always On” and safe from unplanned infrastructure issues. EDB Postgres Distributed enhances Postgres with Extreme High Availability and distributed database support with 100% Postgres compatibility. 

  • Maintain extreme high availability 
  • Enable estate rolling upgrades 
  • Leverage multi-writer replication in your environments 
  • Distribute your workloads geographically to secure database flexibility 

In our whitepaper, you’ll discover the technology behind the “Always On” architecture – focusing on high availability, where EDB Postgres Distributed provides unparalleled protection from infrastructure issues, combined with near zero-downtime maintenance and management capabilities.

ITG and EDB PostgreSQL deliver quality database management systems to enable business stability and continuity. Take control and lower your risk. Stay ‘Always On’ with EDB Postgres Distributed. 

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