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Linux plays an important role in organizations undergoing digital transformation. With enterprises adopting modern applications and cloud infrastructure, the challenge to maintaining a hybrid environment became more complex. Challenges include infrastructure management, inconsistent deployment, and operational downtime. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is engineered to provide the common foundation needed to reduce overall IT complexity and support the migration of applications to different cloud environments. More specifically, Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports:

  • Simple and frictionless management with tooling that also includes best practices and expert guidance.
  • Consistent deployment across hybrid cloud so that IT teams don’t have to build additional skills for different environments.
  • Seamless integration into the development lifecycle so that any member of the development team can get access to what they need quickly—facilitating a simple path to production without innovation lock-in.

ITG and Red Hat aim to provide a reliable environment that offers scale, security, and robust application support. Download this ebook to learn more about how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can benefit your organization and beyond.

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