Data storage has come a long way since the days of disk systems. Sure, those disk systems might still be used here and there—but now they’re attached to a network and software-defined so you have total control over exactly how it’s formatted.

Data storage is the process by which information technology archives, organizes, and shares the bits and bytes that make up the things you depend on every day—from applications to network protocols, documents to media, and address books to user preferences.

Why RedHat

Software-defined storage is inherently open. It decouples hardware from software, freeing you from vendor lock-in. Red Hat has taken “open” a step further. Our software-defined storage is also open source. It draws on the innovations of a community of developers, partners, and customers. This gives you control over exactly how your storage is formatted and used—based on your business’ unique workloads, environments, and needs.

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