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Predictive analytics helps you see what’s happening in your IT environment. It also allows staff to fix technical issues before they impact your environment—avoiding costly downtime.

Red Hat® Insights gives your business the ability to predict and prevent problems before they occur. You get real-time, in-depth analysis of your Red Hat infrastructure to proactively identify threats to security, performance, and stability.

Automatic, real-time remediation

Red Hat Insights can automatically remediate issues using Ansible Playbooks—a series of more than 10,000 configuration, deployment, and orchestration scripts. And with real-time views into hybrid environments, ops teams no longer have to wait for error reports to fix issues; they can identify and fix problems as they happen.

Less human error. Rapid time to value.

With Red Hat Insights, you can deploy and scale quickly with no additional infrastructure requirements. Teams can immediately initiate tailored remediation steps, allowing them to decrease security threats and avoid downtime.

Predictive analytics

Red Hat Insights gives you comprehensive analytics across physical, virtual, container, private, and public cloud environments. This helps you and your business save time and money addressing problems after the fact. Red Hat Insights lets you know about vulnerabilities before they affect your environment.

Better, faster, and stronger through experience

Red Hat has been a leader in open source for more than 15 years with access to thousands of cases and verified solutions in our extensive knowledgebase. This helps us help customers mitigate risk—not just using their own experiences—but by comparing across industries and history.


Storage instances that don’t follow best practices and lack updates or knowledge transfer are high risk. Red Hat® Storage Health Check, a consulting engagement from Red Hat Consulting, helps organizations manage exponential data growth while preemptively mitigating or eliminating risk.

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