With physical and digital interactions so closely intertwined, you have access to a huge amount of data.

Fuel your digital business with better decisions and faster, smarter actions using TIBCO® Connected Intelligence.

TIBCO helps organizations enhance their competitive edge with an insights-driven culture enabling all users to develop insights from any data anywhere, deliver them in real time, and automate actions to make better decisions and take faster action. Our integrated portfolio of market-leading analytics solutions combines ease of use with analytic depth and governance to grow with your organization as your needs evolve.


Predictive Analytics

Quickly and easily generate and deliver high-value insights with AI-driven visual analytics and dashboards. TIBCO Spotfire® visualization, a recognized market leader in smart data discovery, data wrangling, geospatial analytics, and one-click predictive analytics, scales to enable everyone with insights for business decision-marking.

Visual Analytics

Scale data science throughout your organization to solve your biggest challenges and drive innovation. The TIBCO Statistica™ Platform provides data scientists with a design time environment and reusable templates that can be easily deployed with industry-leading model management, and governance to deliver insights the organization can understand.

Machine Learning

Automate analytical models with algorithms that iteratively learn from data and optimize performance. With machine learning algorithms for big data available in both Spotfire Data Science and Statistica, you can put your computers to work finding new patterns and insights without explicitly programming them where to look.


Bring smart to your business. Faster insights, better decision-making.

  • Data Discovery. Communicate findings and concepts through intuitive visualizations.
  • Data Wrangling. Improve and prepare data as you work on it.
  • Predictive Analytics. Anticipate what’s next.
  • Big Data Analytics. Turbo-charge your analytics and your business.
  • Location Analytics. Associate data with location for immediate understanding.
  • Enterprise Scale Analytics. Rely on unparalleled performance, governance, flexibility.

The New Era of Competitive Advantage for Software Companies

  • Happier Customers with Embedded BI. Users get answers easier from your applications, increasing satisfaction and making your product more competitive

  • Free Up Development Resources. Focus your developers on your core product and let Jaspersoft handle analytics

  • Faster, Smarter Apps. Get your apps to market faster with analytics first thinking

  • Broad capabilities. Reporting, dashboards, data visualizations, self-service analytics, and embedding these capabilities into your applications

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