The Transformative Power of Automation

Leveraging iPaaS for Next-Gen Businesses

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On average, companies use nearly 140 unique applications. It’s not easy to control app sprawl and keep everything secure while still moving fast enough to meet the needs of the business. That’s where automation comes in.

iPaas (integration platform as a service) is a technology for integrating and orchestrating all of a company’s other software solutions. In theory, iPaaS makes everything manageable. Connect, integrate, and automate your applications, data, and processes end-to-end.

As a result, the role of IT has shifted from delivering projects to being an accelerator of the business. In this model, IT is able to better collaborate with the business and projects can be co-created, while the business becomes responsible for running them. 

The real magic isn't just connecting software- it comes from turning innovative ideas from across the organization into reality.

When your company is growing- particularly when it’s growing fast- every team is focused on building products, bringing them to market, and delivering the best they can for your customers. Who has time to worry about the applications you’re using to do it?

By establishing iPaaS as an independent discipline, owned by neither IT nor the lines of business, automation can open p whole new horizons for the company. Instead of being the wedge between IT and LOB, automation technology can bridge the gap.

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