Zero Downtime Database, Always On Business with EDB PostgreSQL

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High availability databases are essential to organizations depending on mission critical, 24/7 access. The use cases of a highly available database may vary between a financial services organization or a telecommunications provider, but the desired result is the same: an incredibly reliable database that minimizes downtime. Organizations often strive for availability down to the decimal point as a percentage of uptime in a given year, such as four nines (99.99 percent availability). Every second of downtime can translate to lost revenue, or worse. 

EDB Postgres Distributed provides multi-master replication and data distribution with advanced conflict management, data-loss protection, and throughput up to 5X faster than native logical replication, and enables distributed PostgreSQL clusters with high availability up to five 9s. 

ITG with EDB PostgreSQL delivers quality database management systems to enable business stability and continuity. 

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