Understanding Business and IT Automation

Consistently, IT architectures are changing and must be incredibly versatile. Automation in software has not only helped with proficiency, delivering value quicker but also eliminating IT and business workflow difficulties. What's Automation? Automation is the use of technology without human intervention. In other words, organizations in the fields of manufacturing, vehicle control, robotic and [...]

Understanding Business and IT Automation2018-05-15T19:40:25+08:00

Secure Modern Web Application and Infrastucture

Use Red Hat JBoss Web Server to easily create and maintain websites and their Java applications Whether you are looking to build a simple Java™ application server, an enterprise web server, or planning your entire enterprise application infrastructure, you have too much to do and not enough time — or money — to do [...]

Secure Modern Web Application and Infrastucture2018-07-09T07:13:39+08:00

One single platform to meet your database needs | EDB Postgres

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are driven towards digital transformation. Failure to adapt to this movement places businesses at an increased risk in current and future competitive markets. A company's ability to successfully pursue its digital business initiatives also depends on an enterprise-class platform and full-service vendor within budget. Finding the right [...]

One single platform to meet your database needs | EDB Postgres2018-05-08T22:33:13+08:00

Web Based Password Self-Service Management

How often have you come across users who try to log in to their system, but don’t remember their passwords? Password related issues are a major cause of help desk tickets resulting in huge loss of productivity and wastage of time, cost and resources. A self-service solution for password management could solve this issue, but [...]

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