Re-emerging Market Disruptions

Part 1 of Three (3) Part Mini-series: Is Your Business Prepared for the Global Disruptor?
Author: Rosan Yanisce Ferrer & Charisse Ann Kho

COVID-19 is the biggest digital disruptor in this decade – the game-changer.

For the past few weeks, COVID-19 has deranged the course of our everyday lives. It has made huge impacts on people’s health, their everyday routines, operational processes, but most importantly everyone’s livelihood.

COVID Drastically Affecting Every Aspect of Life

Your business is not exempted. Supply chains might have tightened with your affected workforce. Demands may be hard met with your expected pace. Stocks in the market are falling. Your planned travels to other regions have been banned. Countries, including ours, are being mandated to follow mandatory home quarantines.

But that shouldn’t stop you from moving on with life – COVID-19 opens the window for businesses today to rethink and adjust the way they operate. Looking back, a similar global phenomenon paved the way for digital disruption to transpire.

Past Disruption, Revisited

Over the years, the stock market has plummeted because of these market disruptors. A notable crash was that of 2008 when the Dow fell 777.68 points in intraday trading. This gathered fear for investors when a bank bailout bill was not approved.

What this teaches us is that although the stock market crashed, and losses increased, they make up for it as soon as the situation dies down and the economy recovers. Because we are able to adapt new methods and new processes, we are able to survive and reach toward greater heights.

These disruptors shift the market to a different path- adapt and survive or get left behind

Together, We Do More

If our doctors and nurses are our front liners against the pandemic, we in the IT sector are the front liners in adapting changes to mitigate risks and come out better than ever before.

We were forced to adapt to the inevitable change that this crisis brought us. At this time, companies are making every effort to ensure the health and safety of their employees and the rest of their stakeholders. In the longer run, there is a call to change the way businesses work. This can be made possible through different technological solutions that will drive digital transformation.

Solutions are not one-size-fits-all. As your technology expert, we in ITG will do our part in sharing possible solutions to spearhead your business’s journey towards recovery. Let us help one another solve issues and do our part in bringing back our livelihoods on their feet.

Stay tuned for the different technological solutions that may drive digital transformation in the midst of this COVID outbreak and what the future holds for your business.