When COVID-19 Forces Business to Adapt: A Case for Cloud-based Solutions

Author: Rubie Casana-Villamor
Technology Manager for Business Management Solutions at ITG

It’s been a week of our enhanced community quarantine as of this writing and honestly, it is now giving me jitters. The impact on the business, economy, health and overall well being of every individual is now felt and seen in every conversation and in all forms of media. The team is busy revisiting plans and trying to maintain business as usual despite the situation. In the midst of uncertainty, we look into a perspective on what COVID-19 reveals about cloud ERP.

Enables working from home arrangement. 

Now that we are all mandated to stay home, we cannot do anything but to work in the four corners of our room. Connect your device to the internet and there you go, you can process those transactions and fulfill your duties as an employee. Employers who are reluctant to telecommute suddenly adapt to it. With cloud ERP, you can do the same – process orders, generate invoices, send customer and supplier communication and the like with all the approval processes in place. Unfortunately, some jobs such as warehouse and operations personnel will need to physically be in the workplace. Hence, social distancing remains in practice. For us who have the privilege to telecommute can still perform our duties and support the business by connecting your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to the internet and log in to your cloud ERP like NetSuite. You can even generate reports and monitor your team’s performance in its insightful dashboard. It’s business as usual less the workplace environment. 

Gives a Breather to our Environment.

Now that there is a limitation to traveling and some plants stopped production while on community quarantine, carbon emissions from factories and vehicles have lessened. A popular social media post said, “Our planet is healing”. The same is true for cloud, vastly reducing the need for servers and support equipment, such as server room air conditioning gives organization cost savings, efficiency, and environmental benefits.

COVID-19 and Cloud ERP has Unavoidable Impacts.

We are all required to stay home and reduce movement to prevent the virus from spreading because it is a very contagious disease and you’ll never know who will get infected. Similarly, entrepreneurs who are using a cloud technology like ERP gives them visibility of the real health of their business and allows them to make intelligent decisions in this difficult time.

However, the effect that we are witnessing now is only the surface. The depth of this health crisis impact on businesses remains to be seen in the coming days. But it also allows us to reflect on our business readiness to adapt to the need of the moment. To keep our momentum so when the crisis is over, we emerge to be more successful.

If you’re a business owner and you are hesitant to run your business on cloud, I hope that this crisis is an eye-opener to you. It’s about time to revisit the idea and act on it. After this global pandemic disease, everyone who has their technology platform ready can immediately bounce back and could immediately adapt their business strategy. Cloud ERP gives agility to businesses with the disruption of unpredictable events like COVID-19.


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