The Aftermath – DX Compromised

Part 3 of Three (3) Part Mini-series: Is Your Business Prepared for the Next Global Disruptor? 
Author: Rosan Yanisce Ferrer & Charisse Ann Kho

Years from now we’ll look back and ask each other, “Who was the driver for your Digital Process and Transformation?” and probably the answer of most will be COVID-19.

At present, we may possibly be on the verge of this global crisis, and everyone all over the world would want this to end soon. In this kind of unforeseen situation, businesses were forced to adapt so abruptly and finally reconsider a new and evolved Digital Transformation.

There is Good News

In the first part of this mini-series, we tackled how this global situation opened the window for businesses today to rethink and adjust the way they operate. We have seen businesses shifting to remote working and telecommuting as the main way of conversing to one another, and many more.

COVID-19 has opened the eyes of the world to shift their perspective to see that something greater is beyond this. There is a window of opportunity for you and your business to exceed your day-to-day achievements. At this moment, everyone should be ready to face what is ahead of them as we go back to the new normal – a long road of learning process. 

Post COVID19 World: Technology vs. Process 

Being quarantined at home, people are starting to find different ways to do things in the comfort of their own homes. With the augmentation of technology, everyone is suddenly capable of doing more, and now, they will be forced to rethink processes. Once the virus is gone, the world will definitely be a different place. Will your business be able to keep the status quo? And if it will, would it be able to survive the next major disruption? 

It is not the biggest companies that survive these disruptions, but the ones that are prepared- those that have taken a step ahead of crises and evaluated what they need to augment their workforce. Gone are the days when people will merely focus on efficiency and productivity. The COVID situation will start the paradigm shift towards recovery and business continuity planning

But how do you know what best will help your company fight against these invisible threats? 

Adapt the New Reality After COVID 19 with ITG

Today, developing a comprehensive Post-COVID 19 business plan for your business will impact your company’s technology processes. It may seem like a tedious task to standardize and implement the plan, but it will develop resilience as you strive for business continuity. Investing in IT tools can help secure your business operations of any kind of disruption.

Setting up a digital workplace is a must in your recovery plans. 

When appropriate considerations for access controls and security tools, organizations will be able to achieve a more efficient and productive overall work process. 

No business is excluded from the need to reevaluate their battle arms. At all levels, technology will serve a great asset to solve bigger business problems, especially after this outbreak season. Understanding what you need and procuring these solutions can change the way you fortify your assets and survive the battle. In A New Digital Experience Starts with BCP, we discussed that:

  1. Smaller businesses must not be blindsided by the lack of resources. This position gives them the ability to see the blindspots and easily implement solutions for it.
  2. Emerging businesses who have just started with their digital experience which gives them a view on how it has helped and will continually help their business to flourish.
  3. Larger businesses want to invest in maintaining and expanding their digital transformation initiatives to maintain business continuity.

No matter which classification your business fits, ITG can help your business reshape your business continuity and recovery by establishing technology solutions that promote Resilience, Readiness, and Response. By having this, you can be at peace that whenever a similar crisis comes in the future, you are ready to face it head-on.

Leveraging on Digital Transformation may not have stopped the virus, but surely it helped reduce its drastic effects on businesses and workflows. These tools and platforms will pave the way to help contain and eventually eradicate the effects of COVID-19. 

The foundation is now set for businesses to look at Digital Transformation and Innovation like never before. Time is now of the essence. Will your business survive the next major disruption? Venture together with ITG. Together, let us understand the battlefield and prepare your business for what’s ahead.