#InspireInclusion: Happy International Women’s Month from ITG

March 1, 2024 | Blog

The tech industry is a billion-dollar sector that provides millions of jobs and countless opportunities. Whether your skills and talent are related to tech, there’s always a space for you to be part of this enormous industry. The question isn’t how big the room is for everyone to fill, but rather, how little it can be for women across the globe when, every year, new businesses come up, and start-up companies are rising left and right. 

For the longest time, the Tech industry, like many other industries, has a demographic dominated by men. But the good thing is— women are catching up. One of the biggest wins for women is having companies that are open to diversity and have a clear stand to treat women equally and support their careers and overall growth as an ally.

International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD) this coming March 8, women across the globe will be celebrated with this year’s theme: #InspireInclusion. This year’s theme tackles the importance of women being included and having a sense of belonging within the company or organization they want to, allowing women to occupy the space they deserve because— they belong. “When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there’s a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment,” IWD said. 

Women in Tech  

Techopedia, however, shares a statistical report on women in tech, saying that the percentage of women in tech leadership roles has fallen to 28% in 2023. On top of that, 50% of women in tech roles leave them by the age of 35. Furthermore, McKinsey and Company and  LeanIn.Org, in their co-authored report about women in technical roles, revealed the hardship it takes for women in tech to advance their careers in the industry. “Women in technical roles are less likely than men to win promotions early in their careers, and many are exiting the field. Companies can strengthen workforces and boost performance by reversing this trend,” they said.  

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To Elaine Montilla, the founder of 5xminority, a TEDx Speaker, the Chief Technology Officer for US School Assessment at Pearson, and a Forbes Council Member for Forbes Technological Council, women in tech are important. In her article titled Top Three Reasons We Need More Women In Tech, she explained the bigger impact of women in tech, and seeing them in leadership and management roles inspires inclusion and aspiration for any woman who dares to dream higher for themselves. “Role models made a huge difference in my life because until I saw people who looked and sounded like me in leadership positions, it was difficult to believe that I could one day make it that far. When you bring women into senior roles, you demonstrate that others have an opportunity to succeed, too,” she said.  

 IT Group, Inc. Inspires Inclusion 

For IT Group, Inc.. (ITG), one of the leading IT Solution Partners in the Philippines and ASEAN region, women are equally important as men and have the right to occupy space in the Tech Industry.  With over 20 years of expertise in the industry, ITG acknowledges that behind every company are strong women who get the job done. ITG inspires inclusion for women by welcoming talents from different backgrounds, ages, genders, and social statuses, free from discrimination and biases.

“Women bring diverse ideas, making solutions more creative and ensuring a fair workplace. Encouraging women to be a part of the tech industry unlocks creativity and innovation that [many male counterparts] otherwise might be missed,” said Hana Rauda Surizuela, Marketing Lead / POC for PT. IT Group Indonesia. “Not only do women improve the tech industry, but they also build success by creating new opportunities.” 

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As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company with four regional offices located in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, helping 200+ clients across the ASEAN region on their digital transformation journey and has a solid portfolio of 250+ successful projects, we honor women’s contributions, from their skills to their talents, and their leadership driving ITG to its success. 

“As we all know, Technology is a male-dominated field. But with the current demographics here in ITG, almost half of our employees are women, which is very important as they inspire more young women to venture into the IT field. This also shows that women can grow and succeed in the tech industry by bringing unique perspectives, resulting in greater creativity and innovation aligned with ITG’s vision and core values,” said Auralee Joy Momblanco, Human Capital Associate for IT Group, Inc.  

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ITG values women; we have an average total of 34.37% of women employed across our regional offices. By country, we have 41% in the Philippines, 25% in Indonesia, 63% in Malaysia, and 30% in Singapore, respectively. In terms of leadership and management roles, ITG has an average of 30.10% of women taking the lead to drive the company’s success. On top of it, ITG provides equal opportunities for growth and development, where we created a roadmap for our employees to advance their careers and overall growth, including sponsored training and certifications for their roles. 

“Inspiring inclusion for women in the tech industry is crucial for leveraging diverse perspectives, fostering innovation, and enhancing business performance,” said Justine Ng, Head of Human Capital for IT Group Sdn. Bhd (MY) and IT Group Pte. Ltd. (SG). “By promoting gender diversity, companies can attract top talents, address biases, and create a more equitable workplace, ultimately driving better outcomes for both individuals and the industry as a whole.”

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