Tea Beverage Company in Indonesia Successfully Maximizes Business Efficiency with ITG & Oracle NetSuite

March 6, 2024 | Customer Success Story

Have you ever imagined starting from selling a glass of tea to becoming an inspiring big company? Here is an inspiring story of one beverage company that can open our minds about business innovation. Starting with a small outlet selling tea-based drinks in 2019, the drink variants they offer began to gain recognition and popularity among Indonesian consumers. With positive feedback from customers and increasing demand, They strategically expanded its operations. They implemented a partnership system that reaches more than 1000 outlets across Indonesia.

Breaking Barriers:  Streamline Operational Processes

As the company grows with more outlets across Indonesia and the demand for franchise partners continues to increase, it certainly cannot be separated from complex financial and operational records. Although initially a manual recording system had been implemented, the company had to admit that the existing system required a lot of time to double-check the entire data, ranging from stock inventory, and raw material order requests for each franchise partner, up to corporate financial reports. This was the reason why the business finally started to take innovative approaches in shifting to a modern and efficient solution.

Innovation in Action: Collaborative Venture for Next-Level Efficiency and Adaptability

To address the challenges they had been facing, they consulted with IT professionals from PT. IT Group Indonesia, and decided to adopt Oracle NetSuite – Cloud ERP#1.  This choice aimed at improving operational efficiency, monitoring inventory, managing financial data, and maximizing productivity. 

With the implementation of NetSuite’s Procurement Management & Inventory Management Cloud Service module, they managed to simplify the raw material ordering system from franchisee partners with faster processing and minimum errors, as well as monitoring stock inventory & and reports from all outlets with a simplified system that can support them to make the smart business decisions. The company has also implemented integration with its legacy ordering system so that every recorded order can be seamlessly connected to finance.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Fulfillment

The collaboration between ITG and this popular tea beverage company has consistently delivered numerous benefits, starting from speeding up the work process, saving time, reducing many manual tasks, especially data recapitulation, increasing operational efficiency of stock inventory in the warehouse and making better decisions based on the data provided by the dashboard. Oracle NetSuite cloud-based ERP system also supports remote working that allows users to access data anywhere and anytime, as long as they are connected to the internet.

The innovation journey of this tea beverage company has proven that technology solutions can bring significant changes to the development of modern businesses. Now is the time to start your digital transformation for your business with the best solution and schedule a consultation for your business needs with IT professionals from ITG.

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