ITG Story: The Silent Heroes Who Are Part of ITG’s Solid Success

April 5, 2024 | Blog

A company is only as good as how it treats its people. To us, our people serve as the heart and soul of our company. There’s no better way to honor their sacrifices to go above and beyond in venturing together than hearing their stories. Today, in honor of our unsung heroes, we featured six venturers across the region, from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, to share their inspiring stories of being the heroes behind the scenes of IT Group, Inc. (ITG), from PH’s Implementation Engineer and Senior Functional Consultant Mary Joy De Guzman and Project Manager Renz Martin Pingol to ID’s Project Management Office Manager Nurul Iman Abdurakhman and OSS Senior Team Lead Abu Bakar to MY’s Sales Manager Endrea Hugh to SG’s Practice Head of Business Management Solution Kuncoro Cheung, as they gave a deeper sense of what’s venture together truly means to them. 

UNSUNG HEROES (Clockwise) Mary Joy De Guzman, Renz Martin Pingol, Nurul Iman Abdurakhman,
Kuncoro Cheung, Endrea Hugh, and
 Abu Bakar

What is your definition of venturing together?

Mary Joy: Embarking on this journey together enables us to witness remarkable teamwork and dedication [of venturing together]. This dynamic not only propels us towards our shared objectives but also nurtures personal development and instills a profound sense of responsibility, both externally and internally [as a company].

Renz: Venturing Together is not only a collaborative pursuit of a shared goal but also a journey marked by care, where each voice is heard and valued, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empathy within the team. 

Nurul Iman: [Venturing together means you] move forward and grow with the courage to face risks and act wisely.

Abu: Venture Together means collaborating closely with all teams from all divisions, including the stakeholders in ITG, to achieve company goals.

Endrea: [To me], Venturing Together is a personal commitment to achieving corporate goals by aligning with different stakeholders—from management, principals, partners, and working teams to customers.  

Kuncoro: Venturing Together represents technological synergy for collaboration in exploring innovation, facilitating communication, and exchanging ideas by combining expertise and resources. [ITG’s Venturing Together] means we bring a positive impact to the entire organizational ecosystem, allowing for diverse [and innovative ideas to flourish and] focus on, which ensures our continuous business growth.  

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Can you share an experience with ITG where you are passionate and driven to go the extra mile despite the challenging situation? And how did you overcome them? 

Mary Joy: Rather than surrendering to setbacks or frustration, I tackle critical challenges with unwavering determination and innovative thinking. I actively engage with my team, leveraging their expertise and collectively exploring various solutions. I remain steadfast in pursuing our shared goals, adapt to adversity with resilience, and am willing to exert additional effort whenever needed to surmount obstacles.

Renz: I’m deeply passionate about sharing my expertise in technologies and solutions, which drives me to go above and beyond, especially during user training sessions where I strive to add a personal touch. Overcoming challenges in user adoption requires not just my passion but also collaborative efforts within our team to ensure we successfully achieve such crucial milestones. 

Nurul Iman: When I joined, ITG had only a few projects with a little manpower, and the workflow and rules were [a bit] ambiguous. From there, I felt the need to help and develop things even with limited resources and a diverse work culture. I started by understanding the existing culture, trying to propose some ideas even though it was quite challenging, and trying to make changes with support from my surroundings. One thing I always remember, quoting from Vivian Greene, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain”, which motivated me to take action and deal with problems and situations. 

Abu: As ITG provides solutions for the customer, one notable example is when we have to deliver new technology solutions to the customer. The effort of learning new technology became exciting because it was so interesting and challenging [at the same time]. From there, when the project was successfully completed, it became an even more enjoyable experience. 

Endrea: One challenging situation I faced in ITG was shifting my target market from Malaysia to the Singapore market. It was tough [at first] as I have no reference and experience working in this market. So, I started from scratch with a lot of research, tried different channels, ran marketing campaigns, and connected agencies for outbound leads. While building the pipeline for Singapore, I also support Malaysia’s new sales reps for prospecting. What motivates me to keep going is to have faith that good things will happen and to build up teammates with the knowledge I have. 

Kuncoro: In the realm of technology, there are often instances where challenges arise that require going the extra mile. It could be when the project has a tight deadline and resources are constrained, however, even with all the limitations, one shall never bow down to any circumstances and keep pushing towards the end goal. Tough times never last, but tough people do [as the saying goes]. To overcome these challenges, I rely on a combination of problem-solving skills, technical and functional expertise, understanding the audience, and working interdependently with my team. Lastly, effective communication will deliver a clear message that will help us bridge the technology among stakeholders, fostering collaboration and relationships to clear roadblocks ahead of time.

One of the most important things is to always work objectively with a positive attitude, an open mindset, and a willingness to advance. Learn from mistakes and move forward relentlessly, as there is a saying, “Attitude, not Aptitude, will determine your Altitude.” 

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During those times you have experienced it, what were the lessons you learned? And Why?

Mary Joy: Facing critical challenges head-on teaches me the importance of resilience and perseverance. It’s essential to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to changing circumstances, and remain determined despite obstacles. Throughout those challenging experiences, I learned to persevere and never give up, as I know it will help me grow as a person. 

Renz: The lesson of resilience stands out profoundly. Delivering one’s purpose during challenging times holds a unique significance, etching itself into the memory for a lifetime. 

Nurul Iman: We all have our own unique potential. In my perspective, the most important thing is to do your best and devote your potential and ideas to the maximum. Other things are already aligned with God and will come by themselves. 

Abu: I learned the importance of communication and collaboration among team members to provide solutions for customers even on tight deadlines.

Endrea: Be persistent and never give up on doing the right things. This will eventually lead us to find the path to achieving our goals. Another lesson is to help each other in challenging times, as this will form strong teamwork and cultivate a good culture. 

Kuncoro: Mistakes and challenges offer valuable opportunities for learning and growth, be it for the organization or as an individual. Here are a few lessons I can share: resilience and perseverance are the keys to facing adversity; adaptability and flexibility to think outside the box; communication with meaningful and impactful conversation will [always] clear and bridge the gap; and last, never assume, because being assuming and having a false assumption is a capital mistake.

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How did ITG help you throughout those experiences?

Mary Joy: ITG contributes to fostering a supportive workplace where employees [like me] are encouraged to voice concerns, pose inquiries, and seek guidance, ultimately alleviating stress and continuously enhancing skills. ITG is also a supportive company that values growth. [They give us] essential resources, tools, and training to equip us with the [right] skills and knowledge needed to effectively address challenges that can enhance our confidence and resilience.

Renz: ITG provides additional resources, guidance, and encouragement to help navigate the difficulties, ensuring that our collaborative efforts remain resilient and effective despite the obstacles we face.

Nurul Iman: ITG gives lots of support both morally and materially, but most of all, the company provides us with the opportunity to develop and innovate our skills, [plus, they] listen to what we want to say without any prejudice up front.

Abu: ITG helps and provides access to resources and tools that [we] need [for us to be ready] to tackle the obstacles in our daily work. 

Endrea: ITG gave me the opportunity and the platform to explore new markets and roles. Plus, my direct superior is very supportive!   

Kuncoro: In challenging times, unwavering guidance, encouragement, and assistance from the ITG management team helped me and my team to conquer adversity, especially when it comes to the lifecycle of a project.  Whether it is providing mentorship, offering a listening ear, or extending a helping hand, it has significantly touched the hearts of every crew of ITG. It has strengthened our resilience and fostered a sense of unity within the ITG ecosystem, with a greater sense of belonging.  

IT Group, Inc. Values and Honors its People

For over 20 years in the industry, IT Group, Inc. has been the leading IT Solutions Partner in the Philippines and the ASEAN region. As we move toward the future with many more successful ventures, ITG honors the people behind its success—our unsung heroes. Across our regional offices, everyone has been dedicated and passionate about co-creating and co-owning innovative solutions, teaming up with our partners, and helping our clients through their respective specialties and fields. 

ITG is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company with four regional offices located in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, helping 200+ clients across the ASEAN region on their digital transformation journey and has a solid portfolio of 250+ successful projects. We are the leading technology partner for system-wide innovative solutions that delivers seamless integrations and processes, from Business Management Solutions, IT Management, Integration & Automation, and Enterprise Data Management to IT Infrastructure. ITG is also at the forefront of promoting equal opportunities and inclusivity for all, giving them the support they need, especially in their career and overall growth. Likewise, we want to feel heard, seen, and appreciated as we value our people and by sharing their inspiring stories to the world. Know more about our story and how we can help you drive success through digital transformation in your organization.