ITG & ComBTAS Facilitated 7-Days Go Live Remote Implementation with Henan Daswell

The current situation with the COVID-19 crisis hindered normal business operations. This pushed businesses to re-create and reinvent the way they do business. Solutions providers like ITG was empowered to continue delivering valuable customer experience through remote implementations and project management.

In 7 days, Henan Daswell was able to onboard with ComBTAS travel and expense platform. They used the system to efficiently manage their employee expense reports, enforce budget control, and company policies. This was made possible with the joint remote implementation by ITG and ComBTAS team.

Henan and Daswell is the leading manufacturer of concrete mixers, grinding mills, mining machinery, and concrete batch plants and parts. They pride themselves as experts in researching, designing, and producing concrete machinery, bolted silo, and mineral refinement.

The (7) seven-day remote rapid implementation approach was made possible through a strong collaboration of ITG, ComBTAS, and Henan Daswell teams with proactive collaboration. To ensure the success of the implementation, each team committed to a set expectation that must be fulfilled:

  • Set projections and expectations and timelines during the kick-off meeting
  • Ensure resources assigned were available
  • Timeliness of the data for migration
  • Secure pre-work of implementation templates, guides and training materials before the project start
  • Guarantee client feedback without delay
  • Establish open communication and constant update

Remote implementation may be the new norm in today’s current situation. This requires responsiveness and consideration for all of the parties to ensure the success of the project. The limitations will never be a hindrance for ITG to deliver projects on time and in scope.

Henan Daswell’s employees in the Philippines will now be using ComBTAS’ platform to optimize their reimbursement, cash advance, and liquidation.

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