Mega Prime Foods Inc. Attained Data Visibility and Accuracy by Starting their Digitalized Journey with ITG and Workato

Customer Success Story

Discover the transformative journey of Mega Prime Foods Inc. (MPFI), the company behind the #1 sardines brand in the Philippines, Mega Sardines.

Mega Prime Foods Inc. (MPFI)  realized the need to digitize and automate its operations for increased efficiency and innovation. They faced two main hurdles: manual data transfer from Appsheet to their ERP system for each transaction, and the high cost and time investment of hiring skilled developers to automate their processes.

IT Group, Inc. (ITG) emerged as the strategic partner that MPFI needed for its digital transformation. ITG provided comprehensive support throughout MPFI’s journey, leveraging the power of Workato to streamline its data movement across many platforms and automate its manual data uploading process. This strategic deployment resulted in more efficient operations, reduced errors, and strengthened data integrity, enabling better decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date information.

This success story is a testament to the power of digital transformation when backed by the right partners. By embracing ITG’s expertise and Workato’s capabilities, MPFI achieved data visibility, real-time results, and operational excellence.

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