Digital Indonesian Bank Achieves Better DevOps, Maximizes Efforts towards Business Goals

With the rapidly changing technology adoption in recent years, people have changed their way of doing transactions daily. Banking has been critical in processing currency movements between account holders, commerce, and economic activity, especially during this pandemic.

As digital banking is increasingly demanded by Indonesian customers, many digital banks have sprung up and competition has dramatically tightened. One key Indonesian digital bank, highly focused on the security of their platform, is keen on improving their Enterprise IT Infrastructure to support their capabilities in digital banking transactions. ITG Indonesia, as one of their trusted technology providers, has been tapped by the bank’s Management Team to assist them with the right insights and tools as they venture towards their goals and direction.

This Indonesian bank needed a solution that can support their business application’s seamless integration using DevOps. ITG Indonesia suggested adopting Red Hat for agile, efficient, reliable, and scalable DevOps Platform Services. They also wanted to enhance their microservices supported by Red Hat OpenShift container Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage, and DevOps Tool Chain. ITG helped them during the acquisition, implementation and actual operation, and supported them with technical and maintenance support. With the end-to-end engagement with ITG, they have successfully accelerated their team’s efficiency and speed in deploying their enterprise applications.

With this partnership with ITG Indonesia, The Bank’s Management Team was able to achieve their goal for the project- the acceleration of their DevOps lifecycle. This further solidified their relationship with ITG Indonesia, tagging them as a reliable partner that provides high-quality collaboration with their internal team during the project.

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