Prince Retail Expands their Business with Incident Governance and Automated Process Ticketing through ITG and ManageEngine

Prince Retail was founded in 1990 that started with trading glassware, kitchenware, plasticware and other household items.  Eventually they expanded and evolved as a retail and wholesale business, selling grocery items catering to a wider range of customers and wholesalers. The business grew exponentially as they also ventured into focusing on  community micro-grocery businesses (sari-sari stores) with a mission to serve the underserved. Throughout the generations, their spirit to empower the filipino seller at the lowest level of economy in both rural and urban areas has not wavered.

As the business expanded its operations, IT management became more complex and challenging. Raising internal incident requests and managing ticket issues across multiple locations has posed more and more issues. There was little to no visibility on the current status of incidents and requests raised in a day to day operation. Decentralized IT communication between departments resulted in low attainment of SLAs within the whole organization. With all these challenges and pitfalls, there is a demand for solutions that can help them resolve these issues and ensure uninterrupted growth for the business.

ITG as the Appointed Partner and Distributor of ManageEngine solutions in the Philippines implemented ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to support real time monitoring and resolution of ticket issues optimizing SLA management. ServiceDesk Plus gives out dashboards to generate accurate reports for executives to be able to improve their decision making process and  implement strategic plans. ITG support was able to assist them in their technical requests.

With the benefits they reaped from the solution and the technical support extended by ITG they were able to advance and streamline their internal IT processes to continually uphold and deliver higher customer satisfaction. The organization’s internal processes we’re now aligned with operations and it’s people. With the effort to constantly improve their business operations, in 2019 the organization increased its license subscription as they scale bigger in order to provide better customer service to more clients.

As one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, Prince Retail with ITG’s assistance continues to cater and uplift every Filipino’s livelihood through their products. To date, Prince Retail is now an active and existing  customer of ITG. ITG became a medium for Prince Retail to continually serve and empower its customers with quality service that resonates to their customers’ customers.

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